Paul Klamper mechanical discs versus Shimano R785 hydraulics

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by danwerle1972

Hi, I'm currently using Paul cantilevers and Paul Mini-Motos on my cyclo-cross bikes. I'm actually really happy with them; they're easy to service, set up, and maintain; however, as we all know, there are a number of advantages to some of the newer hydraulic, mechanical, and hybrid drop-bar disc brake offerings.

Has anyone had a chance to try the Paul Klamper mechanical disc brakes in comparison with the Shimano R785 hydraulics? If I switched, I'd probably use Shimano Ice Tech rotors.

Where I live, we generally have half a season with dry conditions, 1/4 season with mixed dry/wet conditions, and 1/4 season with very muddy conditions.

Since this is Weight Weenies after all, I know that the weight penalty associated with the Paul's is not small in comparison with the Shimano R785s. I'm inquiring more about the quality of the braking, consistency through the stroke, noise, modulation, and durability in both dry and muddy conditions.

From my vantage point, the Paul's are great because they are relatively easy to adjust on the fly, can be used with compressionless housing and good cables (such as Yokozuna), and are made by a company that I really enjoy supporting.

The Shimano brakes, by most accounts, are lighter, and are in a class almost of their own in terms of quality and durability.

I know this is a somewhat weathered topic, and, with reports leaking out in recent days that disc brakes will be available for UCI road racers, this discussion will continue; I was really hoping to get some real-world input from other Weight Weenies forum subscribers who may have tried each of these options.


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by 743power

Are you building a new bike or looking to replace parts on a current one? Do you have di2 currently? The 785s are awesome. I resisted them for awhile as I prefer sram and really love the sram hydro hoods for cross, but we work on a shit ton of the 785s at my current shop and they are awesome. Now that you can put an xtr m9050 rear derailleur on, you have the option for the perfect cx setup.

I dont have experience with the pauls, but I never rode a mechanical disc I liked. I would take a good canti setup over mechanical disc all day long. The power was never equal and lever effort always much greater. I also had problems with the actuator arms icing over and seizing on mechanical discs and the issue of uneven pad wear is real, especially in muddy conditions.
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by philipBer

743power wrote:Now that you can put an xtr m9050 rear derailleur on, you have the option for the perfect cx setup.

Have this setup on my bike and will never go back! Had mechanical discs and Hy/Rd before but the hydraulic brakes are in a league of their own.... the setup is expensive though 8)

That said, go for the 785! I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed!

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by Nefarious86

I can't wait for an M8050 derailleur to do this setup on a gravel rig.
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