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by mattyNor

I'm starting a single speed build and I've hit a dead end on crank choice. What is the common route people go, 104 mtb crank or 110 compact road? I'd like a dedicated ss crank for a straight chainline and to run a 1/8 chain, bb is english BSA.

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by OnTheRivet

Use what you have. You can get singlespeed rings for virtually any PCD so thats really doesn't matter. If you are running a converted cassette hub you can dial in any chainline by moving the cog on the cassette body. With a dedicated singlespeed hub it gets trickier.

by Weenie

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

Run a 130 BCD road crank. I always run a 42 up front, the 130 gives you a lot of options. I typically run 42x17 or 42x18. That gives you a good gear for everything but the steepest stuff and a lot of chain wrap on the cog and ring.

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by Briscoelab

DA7800 cranks are pretty easy to find on the used market and work great. But really, just about any std road crank works good. I stick with 130mm BCD, as you really don't need a ring smaller than a 38 on a SS CX bike.

I wouldn't worry though, if you found a good deal on a compact. There are rings out there in any size.

I would, however, strongly suggest against using an 1/8 chain. I think you will be much happier with a quality 8-9 speed chain. I use the high end Sram 8 speed chains on all of my SS MTB and CX bikes. They hold up great and have a quick link.

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by mattyNor

I have a 16t White Industries freewheel which I want to use hence needing such a small chainring. I prefer 1/8 stuff for ss use for peace of mind, it lasts longer, and good quality stuff is easy for me to source. Good point on the 38t ring, so I guess it's settled then 130bcd it is.

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