Race day frame choice. Which one should I go for ?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by vcnz

I already have a Ridley X-Night which I used for racing last year. At the end of the season I bought another one.
As usual plan changed and recently I also bought the Trek Boone simply because I got excited when I saw it, but now I got a question:

considering I train almost every day with the Ridley, do you think I’m going to hurt my legs or lower my performances if I use the Trek on race days only ? I wonder because the geometry is slightly different.


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by Stolichnaya

Do I understand you have two Ridleys?
If yes, race those as a pair.

As for the Trek, just match the position - contact points - from the Ridley to the Trek.
If you can achieve that then the Trek should be fine for race day and not somehow harm your legs.
Test it out by running the Ridley for a few laps and then swapping out to the Trek for the next few.
If you honestly prefer one bíke's handling characteristics over the other, you know what to do.

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by vcnz

Yes I have 2 Ridleys
My main concern are the seat tube angles, 73 degrees on Ridley and 74.5 on Trek.
Lets see if I can work around this difference by changing the saddle position


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by CXTony

If you match up the saddle and bar positions, fit-wise it really shouldn't matter that the seat tubes are at different angles (although it may adjust your weight distribution on the bike). As mentioned, do some practice laps while switching bikes and decide which bike leads to better handling. Either way, both are awesome machines.

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by 4crosswheels

I'd be racing the ridleyx2 and sell the Trek and get another cheaper ridley to train on... Thats what I'd do

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by drider85

I would set saddle height and setback relative to the BB the same between all bikes. Seat tube angle shouldn't change anything if you measure from there. After that set the reach to bar to match. Handling maybe different but there will be not damage or stress to your muscle if the setups are the same.

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by Hein

No harm done.

However,personally I would never race on a bike with another geometry than the bike I use in training.
Pushing yourself and your bike too the limit during a race means you must have the feel, the handling of the bike programmed in your brain & body.

So: race the same bike as you use in training to get the most out of it.
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by Chello

If your excited about the Boone, sell the Ridleys and get a 2nd. Problem solved

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