Shimano (manual) road shifters and clutch mechs

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by Guy

Can someone confirm that there are no clutch rear mechs that will work with Shimano road shifters? I want to go 1x10 this season and have an Absolute Black narrow/wide front chainring. I don't want to use a chain catcher so thought a clutch mech would provide added security but it seems the cable pull for all the Shadow Plus mechs are incompatible.

So what are my options? Switch to SRAM?
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by commendatore

There is a thread about di2 in the MTB forum where someone successfully swapped shadow plus cage onto a di2 rear mech.

by Weenie

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by efeballi

An XTR Di2 derailleur maybe?

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by Guy

I meant mechanical shifters, not electric.

Looks like I have to switch to SRAM.
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by ms6073

Seems like that swap would work for a mechanical DA 9000 rear derailleur seeing as the cages are the same as on Di2.
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by Weenie

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by HillRPete

If you have most of the parts (STIs in particular, they are the most expensive), you could try to get a cheap 9 speed SLX RD (non clutch) and see how far you get with some tuning. Never opened up a MTB RD, but the Shimano road ones have 3 notches for the spring, if you take off the cage. Maybe the MTB ones have something similar, and you can go for the highest tension one. Also get a short cage and maybe lighter pulley wheels (less weight pulling down when hitting a bump, less chance for ghost shifts). Some amount of B screw might help the tension too.

Personally I have never had any problems running a Praxis SS front (old style, not narrow wide) with a 9 speed SLX RD and 10 speed STI. Only used it on gravel roads though, not really any offroad duty.

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