Ti-Spindle XT pedals or Xpedo M-Force 8?

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by CXTony

First-time posting (I did search first too), so sorry if this is pretty hashed out for many already.

I have been racing CX on Shimano SPDs for the past few years and love the solid engagement they offer, but like most Shimano users, I wish there were ways to get them lighter.
After some searching on the board, as well as elsewhere on the web, I came across the Ward Industries Ti spindles. It looks like I can use these with my older XT pedals without issue to drop some weight, and then possibly do some dremel work to shave the side-panel similar to what was done with Nys' newer XTR pedals.

The other option that seems to get good review is the Xpedo m-force 8 pedals. I have heard that they readily accept SPD cleats and are much lighter due to the Ti body and Ti spindle. It would be a bit more expense to buy a set of these rather than just some new spindles, but if they are much better, it may be a good investment. Most of the reviews I have seen on these are from mountain users however, so I am interested to see how they hold up in CX.
Is anyone using the m-force for CX and care to tell me how they are working out?

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by the_marsbar

I intend to use them for CX this season (M-Force 8 Cr though). I use them for mountain biking, and so far I really like them. No muddy races really this year though, so can't say how they would handle that. But I except them to be better to XTRs, which was what I used previously. I was tired of how quick they wore down.

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by Juanmoretime

I use the Xpedo titanium a on both my cross and fixie. They engage very well and effortless release. I also used them in a recent MTB trip and while not muddy conditions we did encounter mud. I do not race cross with my cross bike, my bike is a gravel road racer. With having used them in gravel road racing, mountain biking and riding my fixie I can't see why they would not work well in cross racing.

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by CXTony

Thanks for the insight. I had just heard some people complain that the boxy shape of the bails can cause landing on the side and not being able to clip in (rather than landing on a face). May have to just jump in and buy a set to try out - most of the negative reviews have been about the earlier model wearing out the bushing, so the newer bearing model should be good.

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