CX Seatpost Recomendations? Light vs. Durable

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by commendatore

I snapped an easton carbon post (27.2) on a botched remount last year and switched to a thomson elite. In all likely hood, that post was previously overtightened by its previous owner, but it scared me away from carbon posts for cx. This year I'm on a new bike that takes a 31.6mm post. Its not exactly a weight weenie build, but I'd like to save the extra grams where ever I can.

I was thinking about running a KCNC post, 31.6 x 350mm comes in at a claimed 168 grams. thomson claims 193 grams for the same length masterpiece, but are either of these really durable enough for CX? My technique is much improved, but I still tend to come down on the saddle quite hard from time to time. I know plenty of people run carbon posts for cx, and I'm certainly open to it, but the durable options seem to be 3x the price or aren't significantly lighter.

by Weenie

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by grover

Something like a Syntace P6 HiFlex or Niner RDO post are godsends on a CX bike. A carbon post designed with some flex and a good solid clamp. The Syntace post was a night and day difference from my Thomson for comfort and the ability to stay seated and put down the power over rough stuff. Money well spent and not an area worth saving weight in on a cross bike for me.

I didn't have luck with the KCNC Ti Pro Lite clamp (or others like it) on a cross bike. A heavy remount in the wrong spot can unweight one side of the clamp and it'll slip.

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by mjduct

Thomson is bulletproof if you are worried about durability, I don't know why anyone would consider anything else if their main concern was having a post that didn't break

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by Beancouter

I have the P6 Hiflex on my CX and it is really good. Paired with a Fizik Kurve the bike is really comfortable.

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by commendatore

mjduct is right. I haven't pulled the trigger yet but its either a thomson or one of the new flexy posts

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by weenie

ive the specialized cg-r with my bike and its pretty good.
since its single bolt if you tighten it to the recommended value, it will eventually move up or down during cx'ing which is a terrible design issue.

BUT - if you overtighten it by 2 or 3 nm it doesnt ever move anymore even on the biggest impacts. which is what i did. doesnt seem to damage it.

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by Tamu8104

What about the ENVE seatpost? They are lighter than Thomson, help to reduce some of the harshness, and my experience is they are super durable in both MTB and CX.
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by ms6073

I am going to second the suggestion for the Enve seatpost although it is a tad pricey by comparison and would also add that the single bolt clamp requires pretty high torque (9nm) and anything less will result in drastic changes to the saddle angle/position.
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by the_marsbar

I would not use a single clamp bolt seatpost for CX.

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by Kastrup

I have enjoyed my time with the Spec Cobl on my crossbike. No creaks og slipping.
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by gt5504b

Masterpiece. I've put 7 or 8 yrs of cross racing on 2, with never an issue.

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by limba

Masterpiece is a proven winner for cross/durability. If you want something lighter you can tweak the bolts and mount of the Thomson but then maybe it'll become weaker.

by Weenie

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by boardsi

I have used a Thomson elite for years with zero issues.

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