Campy and TRP HY/RDs...cable dilemma

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by liv2bike

I am committed to running Campy and TRP HY/RDs on my incoming CX frames. I obviously want to run compression-less housing with the TRPs so I get the best lever modulation possible. I am just curious what y'all are running...if there is anyone out there with this set-up. I know the housing has to be the standard 5mm outside diameter. I will have to run Campy inner wire to my shifters. I am leaning towards the TRP DiscConnect cable and housing: ... &catid=188

The TRP DiscConnect is compression-less and is reasonably priced. I am going to call and ask if they have a Campy version. Their website isn't specific. Seems like a great option since I am already running their HY/RDs.

Other options are the Yokozuna cables but not a huge fan of the rigidity. The Jagwire Road Pro compression-less kit is not Campy compatible. Really only leaves the TRP option on the table.

Am I missing anything? Any input is much appreciated. Thanks!

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by LocoDuck

I'll be finishing my cross build this coming week. I am also running Hy/Rds however on a shimano drivetrain.
I already have some jagwire compression less cables to put on it so I can report back with how they perform in a week or two.
I would have opted for Yokozuna had I not had some Jagwires kicking about already.

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by Briscoelab

Last I checked, there isn't such a thing as Campy compatible brake *housing* :). You should be able to run whatever kind you like. The cable itself will of course need to have the campy end on it.

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by poonstar

Running campy record and TRP hy rd with Yokozuna compression less cable set. Got them through their web site. Works great!

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by mjduct

Campy cables are compressionles and probably Built to higher standards than the others. My local expert Wrench suggested that I stick with the campy in lieu of switching to one of the others.

Been working fine for my BB7s for over a year, would like to upgrade to the HyRds
So I'll be watching this thread.

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by Miller

I went with Goodridge cables from Chainreaction for my Campag HY/DR build, see this topic: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=119840&start=15

They're working very well.

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by Hein

Dedicated to Campy as I am, I have been searching for the same answer for setting up BB7's. Which require the same sort of compressionless cables for a good set up as your TRP hydro's. I've found an answer that you may not like. Over and over again on various fora people recommend Shimano XTR brakecable housing + innercable as the best for mechanical disc brakes due to the stiffness of the cable. I'll be building my Campy equiped mechanical discbrake CX bike later this year and XTR will be the cable on the bike.
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elmar schrauth
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by elmar schrauth

TRP Disc Connect works excellent.

HY/RD works best with Shimano, with Campa or Sram you have to work realy properly. then it works well, too.s

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by mjduct

Campy brake housing are beefy as hell and are compressionless and will work with BB7s just fine... I tried to talk my local wrench into upgrading the housing to gore or jagwire and he wouldn't let me do it. 18 months later I'm still loving my salsa colossal with BB7s



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