Problem w/ toe-in on Avid Shorty Ultimates

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by VTBike

Hi all,

I just picked up 2 sets of Shorty Ultimates from Ebay (used, from 2 diff. sellers). The front set went on w/out a hitch. The set I chose for the rear is having a major toe-in issue on one side. Basically, when fully tightened, the pad refuses to align to the rim without major toe-in going from back to front (in other words, the completely wrong toe-in angle). I've looked at the configuration of the washers, and everything seems right. The pad basically looks fine until that last few tightening turns on the screw, which completely angles the pad. I've never had this issue - and have setup many canti's before. It seems like something is off -but i'm not sure what!

Thanks for the help

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by Cosmo

most likely one of the washers has a ridge in it from being used prior. Check them--you might be able to buff the ridge with some emory cloth or find an old V brake pad to steal some washers from. Also check the slot in the pad arm for similar notch or groove-those are available as spares if not fixable.
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by Juanmoretime

Off topic but didn't what to start a new thread.

For those using the Avid Ultimate Shorties and carbon rims what pads are you using?

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by mattjevans

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