cross bike as temporary mtg?

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by Kevin3182

Hey all,

So i just sold my mtb and have been looking to build one up this coming summer, however that process is still months down the road. I have the opportunity to buy a 2014 Kona Jake the Snake fairly discounted. (already from $1700) obviously its not a blingy bike, but do you reckon it'd be a good investment and be fun/possible to rally around the trails while i get my mtb sorted?

Also, will a enve disc fork fit the kona JtS head tube/work in general with that frame?


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by mattr

You can do 99% of what you can on an MTB on a CX bike, just a bit slower.
A lot of the trails you just bounce down without a care in the world, you have to carefully choose your line and speed.

It'll (probably) improve your technical skills.

And its fun.

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