Anyone running Rotor Rings In CX?

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by dereksmalls

I'm thinking of running just a single 39 rotor ring up front, finding the 36/46 round ring combo a bit big/small for our courses here and looking for an even ground in between. Used to run Rotor on the road and liked them, noticed Marianne Vos rides them (nuff said!) and thought I'd give it a go.

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by gt5504b

I run a 50/36 road compact set in the CX bike for all around riding. The oblong 36 does seem to be pretty comparable to a round 34 so it isn't too big. But I agree that the 46 didn't let me have much versatility for training & dirt road riding. So 90% of CX racing is in the little ring, but I'm happy overall (if you can deal with the shifting.)

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by commendatore

I ran a 50/34 and then a 46/36 my first year and never left the small ring in a race. I would like to go to a slightly larger single ring but I'm cheap so it hasn't happened yet.

I occasionally use the bike on the road when things are nasty or as transportation and the double is nice to have then as well.

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by Gunjira

I am riding a single 42t rotor up front, but only end up using higher than 14 in the back during races. The rotors help, but further make cx feel special compared to tarmac riding

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