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by gerryc89

Hi all,

Im currently running some Giant S-RX4, 700x40 tyres and am looking to upgrade. Im having a lot of issues with tiny needles, causing multiple punctures per week. Can anyone recommend something for my tourer? Unfortauntely you cant get Gator Skins at this width, as that as my usual default



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by gt5504b

Panaracer Pasela TG in 37 is a great and huge tire (and the smaller ones I use always measure 1 or 2mm more than they say.)

If you need the extra few mm, the Tour and Tour Guard come in 38&42.

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by derek

Schwalbe Marathon 700x38C. Haven't had any punctures in 4 years. Riding every day.

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by jcova58

For the individual that suffers from flat fatigue, either you use a tubeless wheel system with stan's no tubes, or you use a schrader valved tube with stan's no tube liquid in it. Just remove the valve core, pour 30 to 50% of the bottle into the tube, replace the valve core, inflate and it's done.

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