Stevens Super Prestige Disc

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by mtbstuff

I have a Ridley X-Fire Disc right now and it's a great race bike.....but way too stiff and a little too quick handling for long dirt road rides.
I know "how a bike rides" is very subjective....but does anyone have feedback on the Stevens?

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by ms6073

Here in the US, other than CXMagazine article Brady Kappius' bike, I have yet to see any other images, much less find a review of an actual production version.
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by ADP

They ride nicely but compared to a Ridley who knows but I suspect a little less harsh from what a friend tells me of his

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by md255

I realize this is a rather old thread but for what it's worth...I currently own two Stevens Super Prestige Disc bikes. A 2015 in Camo and a 2017 in Fire Orange. Both beautiful and a dream to ride. The 2017 is thru-axle front and rear and quite a bit lighter, so very nice upgrade from the 2015. For the record, I also own a Ridley X-Fire and Ridley X-Night, and there is no comparison -- the Stevens bikes are hands down the better handling rigs.

Biggest challenge is getting your hands on these in the US (Stevens does not currently distribute to the states). I have been well taken care of by Fitzcyles in Ireland ( Check them out!

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