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by fearlessfreak


New to site and first post, sorry if this has been covered

raced last season for the the first time and ran 50mm Enve carbon with griffo clinchers

looking to upgrade this year so questions

what wheel would work great for a CX tub, been recommended either Major Toms or BOR 309T 700C

and then most important if I'm only running 1 set of tubs which, I like the sound of FMB and super muds bud are they OK for the whole season (without changing) or are there better all round tyres out there


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by dereksmalls

Depends on the conditions you're racing in and your budget really. Are you running rim brakes or disks?

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by fearlessfreak

running disk brakes

we had quite a dry season I'm told last year, but year before was very wet and muddy

elmar schrauth
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by elmar schrauth

Usually i recommend to buy a set of Allrounders, which means Dugast Typhoon or FMB SSC 32/33.

Better you buy two cheaper Wheelsets, then you can afford both

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by gt5504b

Just be well aware of the fragile race only nature of those hand made cotton tires if you are paying for them yourself. They are amazing, but usually good for one season only if they see a lot of use or a lot of bad weather.

But I second the notion of 2 cheaper sets and either a file tread and all conditions tire or an all conditions plus a mudder, depending on how your terrain tends to be. (Btw, the chicane can work surprisingly well to balance a quiver with a mud tire in it.)

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