Touring Weenie (lighten my CAAD T800)

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by J00P

After a successful weight reduction on my roadbike (CAAD10),
it's now time to start tuning my touring bike Cannondale T800 CAAD3.
It's current weight is 12 kg. Of course, it should remain strong enough to carry some load! (and me: 83 kg)
On my tours I keep the total weight of bike + luggage (incl tent) + drinking bottles etc. < 20 kg.
Please make your suggestions! :welcome:
My own idea is to replace the cannondale cromo fork (current weight unknown) by a carbon one,
but no idea which one. Probably a more modern crank can be a significant reduction in weight as well.

here's the original part list:
I have already replaced
shifters: campagnolo veloce (10sp; works fine with the shimano 9s deraillers)
handlebar: ritchey WCS PRO 44cm (240 gr)
stem: race face deus (140 gr)
seatpost : extreme (...?) ---> replace by KCNC post (180 gr)
Cargo Rack: Stevens (950 gr)
Tires : schwalbe 25 mm

any advice is welcome,

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by RussellS

You do not use a front rack, low rider, and apparently will not in the future. Most tourists see the logic of getting weight off the rear wheel and putting it on the front. Replacing your rear rack and panniers with a front rack and panniers would be wise. Easiest way to reduce weight would be changing the fork as you suggest. Then going with a Carradice saddlebag with a tent strapped to it. Get rid of the rear rack and panniers weight. Reduce the amount you carry so it fits in the handlebar bag and large Carradice saddlebag. Less stuff, less weight. Tour minimal.

As for replacing all the components with lighter stuff, you can do that. Whatever works. Doubt it will save a whole lot of weight unless you go with HIGH dollar ultralight stuff.

Best way to reduce weight is carry less stuff. Super minimal. Get rid of racks and panniers. Less bags. Use your CAAD10 light bike. Put a compact crank on it. Put a 10 speed 11-34 cassette on it. Get a Carradice saddlebag. Carry nothing extra.

When I tour I use a full loaded touring bike with full racks and four panniers and handlebar bag. And carry lots of stuff and weight. And big thick heavy tough tires. Weight is not a concern when touring. Reliable and comfortable bike able to go anywhere is important.

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by victorduraace

To me, leave it as it is. Maybe carbon forks, lighter pedals, but that's it.
If You continue to ride heavy setup, more difference will be noticed swapping to lighter bike ;)

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by HillRPete

What others have said, not much return for lighter parts, as long as bike is geared up.
One thing to consider would maybe be wider, well rolling tyres. Rolling resistance makes quite the difference, particularly when loaded. Between Grand Bois, Soma and Challenge (in addition to the traditional manufacturers) there's lots of offerings to find your personal sweet spot of rolling resistance vs puncture protection.

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by dogg

12kg fully loaded? thats not too bad

I'm looking to build a up a lightweight, light tourer in the coming months and from the sleuthing I've been doing it seems like front panniers with a simple rear rack (ala tubus fly) for strapping bulky stuff to (tent etc) seems like the way to go.

but i bet cranks & bb could loose you some weight, i bet you could get away with a compact depending on your cassette spread. I've seen some good deals on 105 and ultegra stuff recently. basically all other components could be swapped out for lighter equivalents without sacrificing reliability/safety, stem, brakes, tires, pedals, saddle, could even start going for titanium bolts too - depends on your budget really, although you can find some deals online pretty easily.

wheels, maybe build up some 32s instead of the 36h wheelset you've got?

let us know if you make any changes.

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by manninen

Nice bike

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by austke

Bike is 12kg. And no more than 20kg loaded.

I think even as a tourer, you could drop some weight here and there. Parts that the loaded weight doesn't affect so much. As you mentioned maybe seat post, lighter brakes or maybe cables. Ect. Depending on the the terrain you tour most frequently.
Pretty tidy tourer already.
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by Calnago

Lol... I can't even relate to trying to lighten up a touring bike (see pic below)... but like there's been mention of... If you only tour with that much stuff you would probably do well to move as much of it as you can up front in some low profile front paniers, provided you have a good solid fork and proper mounts for them, which might rule out a carbon fork. Handling is much better that way. Ortleib bags are a treat for that. When I tour self contained, I'm prepared for most any condition I may encounter and I've been in them all. Having lugged a load over many mountain passes, I can certainly appreciate you wanting to shed every last ounce, but you are touring after all, and durability counts for a lot, no use having exotic parts that can't be repaired or replaced while away from the mainstream. When I finish a loaded tour, and come home and get back on the road bike, it takes some getting used to. It's like learning to ride all over again. Crazy.
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by RussellS

See this forum for some possibilities to going lighter weight. ... ic=12271.0

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by paleovelo

Replace racks and panniers with a custom framebag and other bikepacking gear.

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by jcova58

Hello, I'm new to tour riding and looking forward to some California adventures. I'm in the process of building a tour/utility/commuter bike using a Surly Ogre frame. What I feel will be unique and comfortable about my build is the Jones H-bar and Brooks B67 sprung saddle I'm mounting on my bike. The Surly Ogre frame utilizes 29" wheels that are wide enough for suspension and added comfort. I'll post a picture of my bike when I'm done putting it together. I'm just waiting on a Shimano tour crankset from Star Bikes which should arrive any day now.
By the way, how do you post pictures?



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