Lowering stem on cyclocross

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by superb


On my cyclocross I want to lower stem. Problem is, that I can not lower it any more, because brake cable already goes perpendicular.
At the moment I have FSA cabel hanger.
Is there any cable hanger, which will be "longer" or is there any other solution?



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by Stolichnaya

There are a couple of solutions that might work here:

1) Loop the brake cable up and over the top of the bars, and adjust the brake stop to the side slightly allowing the brake housing to form a smooth loop that does not interfere with the lower stem.

2) Get a cable stop with a noodle that allows you to slot the cable housing horizontally and then route the cable through an L downward. Like this one from Problem Solvers:
http://problemsolversbike.com/products/ ... ble_hanger

3) Custom made thin / extra long cable stop. There was one on here from Humble cycles if I recall correctly that looked great.

4) If your fork is drilled at the crown, you can use a fork mounted cable stop.

Just out of curiosity, is that plastic wrap on your bars?

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by TimmS

Drill the stem, so it also functions as a cable stop :wink:

Shown in this topic

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by superb

Thanks for answer!

I will consider about the first suggestion.

p.s. yes, this is plastic wrap....bike has just been serviced.

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by Briscoelab

Yep, if you just loop over the stem, you can lower it a good bit more.

You can also offset the cable hanger slightly to one side or the other to get a better entry angle. If you have brakes with adjustable spring tension or a straddle cable hanger with bolts to locate the straddle cable, you can adjust your brakes to still hit the rim at the same time.

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by superb


Problem is now solved. :)

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by GonaSovereign

Paul and other make them with more drop, which will let you lower the stem..

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by Irish

Best solution is a fork crown mounted cable holder as it reduces the lenght of exposed cable and reduces braking shudder in the fork.

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