Which set of carbon tubulars for next season Boyd or Psimet?

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by swalburn

I'm getting a new set of carbon tubulars for racing next season. I'm leaning toward the Boyd 24/28 - 44mm deep models for 1320 dollars or a set from Psimet with White Industries T11 hubs on a 38 mm rim. They are slightly more expensive for what I'm assuming is a nicer hub. I've never used either model so I have no idea what to expect. I think I like the 44 mm depth of the Boyd a little better. I'm a 180 lb. Cat 3 if it makes difference. I have a set of Dt 240's laced to a Hed Belgium with 32 DT comp spokes on each wheel. They are great wheels but looking for something a touch faster for racing. Let me know any thoughts you have. I ran 34 fango's all year and am leaning toward a 33 Fango front with 33 Griffo rear for next year for most races.
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by Weenie

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by vdrey

I vote for Boyds because I've met him and he appears to be a good guy. I've also been to a race where he loaned wheels to people so they could try before they bought.

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by btompkins0112

Have purchased from Boyd and his customer service is second to none. He responds very promptly and is always ready to help.

I have tried to buy custom wheelsets from PSIMET via email queries and never received any response.

On that alone I would go with Boyd. Additionally, I think Boyd uses a more updated profile rim, but I can't confirm that. You should definitely check into that.

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by swalburn

I've traded a couple emails with Psimet and he has responded to me each time. I think what I'm really torn about is whether to upgrade hubs to DT 240's or White Industries. If I decide to upgrade hubs I would probably go with Psimet because I can pick which hubs I want. The Boyd carbon tubulars are exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm worried about the quality of the hubs.
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by coachboyd

Sorry, I missed this for a couple days. Anyway, I just want to comment on the quality of our hubs. It's not just some off the shelf hub you can buy from a lot of various trading companies. We put a lot of thought and effort into the design and features of it. We've had a lot of good reviews to the hub and how it compares to an aftermarket "boutique" set without the need to spend an additional 400-600 dollars on just the hubs.

The flange spacing is amongst the widest out there, and we even are using a 131mm axle to help "cheat" the drive side flange even further out to make for a stiffer wheel. We also have the bearings moved apart as far as possible on the axle to add stability when out of the saddle. There is a pre-load adjustment to help dial in the tighteness on the bearings and prolong the life of them. We also use 4 oversized paws for super solid engagement (never slip a pawl when sprinting). And we are using very high quality TPI steel bearings. We've had a lot of people use these hubs through the whole muddy cross series here in the Carolinas and every hub has survived and performed very well (we've had one bearing replacement out of all of them).

I don't want this to seem like I'm spamming my own product on here, but I do want people to know that in designing our own hubs we took a lot of care to make sure it was something that would be of the highest quality.
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