Cargo trailer for cross races

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by power1369

I have to travel 4-5 hours typically for any cross race I want to attend and I have seen some racers show up with cargo trailers with bike racks on the inside to stow gear, be able to change in, etc.

If someone has pictures of such setups, as well as any advice on what do look for and avoid, it would be appreciated.


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by Briscoelab

Any small trailer should work well, if your vehicle can tow is safely. A 5x8 enclosed trailer would be fine. Use fork mounts attached to the interior walls to hold the bikes. If you stagger them (one high and the next a bit lower) you can fit more bikes in a tighter space.

Across the front wall, (or the side, if you have room) put some wheel mounts to hold your front wheels and spares.

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