13/14 race bike: felt cyclocross weapon

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by simon

long time no see but here's my current race bike(well,one of them)
switching to discs with otherwise very similar components brought a weight penalty of less than 100 grams
frameset is superlight with 1600 grams for a 55 with fork, headset, small parts for mechanical shifting, seatpost clamp and extralite expander and topcap(frame 1,02 kg)
i don't have to mention the excellent stiffness because i'm already used to that from last years canti bikes.
i've done all races with wolftooth chainrings and that's also worked flawlessly.
switching to discs has been a lot of work for me but i've loved it from the first second.so much more modulation while you can always grab the hoods with much force.

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by headwind816

Your bike looks FAST! I love the fact you are using the extralite expander and topcap; every gram counts if you have to carry the darn bike.

Which Wolftooth ring do you use?

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by Geoff

Looks good. How has the pad life been in the mud? Good luck with the rest of the season.

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by Mads Kock

Great looking bike, Simon! What is the complete weight of the bike?

Just curious - how many disc wheels do you currently own?

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by simon

i'm using 44t rings with 11-28 cassettes.i have 42's with me for races with steep climbs and uphill finishes but otherwise the choice is made because i need the 44x11 when it gets fast.
weight is 7,2 kg for the single chainring bikes and 7,3 for the double. the wolftooth ring itself is not superlight but very stiff and durable. but i did it for the simpler shifting and easyer cleaning/less mud gets stuck, not for weight reasons.
right now i have a set of clincher rims with road tires for training and 8 ffwd wheelsets with different tubulars. i have 3 sets of 33 typhoon, 3 of 32 rhino and 2 of 33 smallbird right now but that might change in the long run. still not sure when i prefer smallbird over typhoon. i ditche d the pipisqualos somewhen last year,i was just never even considering to try them and the wheelsets that collect dust are the really expensive ones...

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