UCI requirements for CX wheels

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Phill P
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by Phill P

I know on road bikes any wheel with more than 16 spokes and less than a 25mm rim is considered "standard" and gets automatic UCI approval for road racing. Stupid rule because I sure as hell wouldn't want to ride a 16 spoke 20mm rimmed wheel!!

Is there any similar rules for CX wheels?

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by ridonkulus

I think the rules for cross are lot more layed back, so I don't believe there are any restrictions especially if it's not a stanchions race, I say ride the wheels at your own risk!

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by CarlosFerreiro

On the official side:
The UCI were to change the wheels regs so that any wheel would have to get UCI testing and approval and a sticker for use in 2014.
It looked like 65mm was going to be set as the maximum depth for any (road? mass start?) rim.
This week there was a news story that Brian Cookson had suspended the projects the technical committee were working on.

So now, not sure at all if there will be any changes coming in for the 2014 season.

Phill P
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by Phill P

So there is nothing stopping me from riding 30mm deep rimmed disc wheels in any CX race?

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by Ghastly

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by euan

You could just read the CX regs?

From what I believe they are the same regs with the exception of allowing disc brakes. Maximum tyre width of 33mm
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by LeDuke

Here's a simple solution.

Log on to CyclingNews dot com, and look at the wheels of the bikes the pros are riding.

33mm wide tires, max.

Disc brakes or cantis.

Carbon tubular rims, 30-50mm deep.

If they are racing those in UCI races, I'm fairly certain they are legal.

elmar schrauth
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by elmar schrauth

in Hoogerheide they checked every Tire at the Pros Race

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