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by Maximilian

I'm after a skins it for CX. So far I've found the Castelli Speedsuit CX but not much else. My club kit is by Champion System who make a CX suit but the club isn't doing an order any time soon.

Any ideas?

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by SDP

CS do one off probs..

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by gt5504b

I just got a Jakroo Aero Pro (non-winter) skinsuit through our WeightWeenies kit order. I overheat easily so I may not be the best judge, but I just did a 9*C race in the rain without a base layer and was very comfortable, even unzipping a bit in the middle to cool down a bit. One note, the super stretchy fabric is a bitch to clean mud out of, requiring hand stain removal to keep the white looking pristine.

Jakroo also does a winter skinsuit and has no minimums. I'm pretty happy with them and likely will do a small team order before next CX season.

I have a set of winter CX bib knickers from CS, and the fit and fabric quality seems a bit lower than this new Jakroo suit so far.

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