so what are the lightest cx disc bikes ? (specs and pics)

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by gospastic

My chinese open mold cross bike is 7.3kg with alloy clinchers. Sub 7kg would be doable with carbon tubulars.

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The giant Frame is Not lighter than a Chinese dengfu whatever.
But the fork is by far the lightest disc fork i think.
So the Frameset should be the lightest on the market.
In the beginning of November i can Tell you more ;0)

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by jockalldrick

I have a crux elite disc with sram red shifters, cranks and chinese 38mm rims that weighs 8.7
That's of course with an alley frame though

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by stefanot

That Ibis looks amazing.

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by toride

Are there any threads up containing pictures of Chinese cross bikes all you WW's have built ?? they sound mega, i fancy building one so would love to see some finished articles.

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by Beancouter

Mines being custom sprayed at the moment. It is a carbon sport FF -R014. Frame weight is 1120 - have treated it to a 3T Luteus fork.

I will post pictures and build list in a couple if weeks. I am aiming for a sub 16lb build with sram s700 hydraulic - it's looking a bit tight at the moment.

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by hurricanejosh

on-one dirty disco ... e_and_fork

1260g frame
490g fork (uncut)

and cheap


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by Beancouter

Frame back from spray shop..... Suspect it may be a 'marmite' bike!Image

elmar schrauth
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by elmar schrauth

hurricanejosh wrote:on-one dirty disco ... e_and_fork" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

1260g frame
490g fork (uncut)

and cheap

But not light
1260 Gramm for a Childrensframe
there are lighter Alloyframes for less money

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by sm4100

This thread looks a bit abandoned but here is my contibution

I recently finished my CX (although the tires currently are 28C) the weight is lighter than what I have initially expected.

It is an amazing ride, very smooth, comfortable but stiff enough for a moderate climb.

For those interested in the configuration, here is the weight list

Component Grams

Bar Tape 36
Bottle cage alloy bolts 4x 4.3
Bottle cage carbon Bontrager 36
Botton cups 50.4
Brake caliper pair w/o pads 278.2
Brake caliper Titanium bolts 4X 14.8
Brake pads w spring Force resin 24.3
Cable housing brakes+ inner pipe llink 67
Cable housing hardwares brake 0
Cable wire brakes Power Cordz 1.75 7.5
Cable housing der. ilink 4mm 26
Cable housing hardware derailleurs 6.4
Cable wire derailleurs Cordz 1.2 4
Cassete Red 11-26 11spd 156.3
Cassete nut SRAM 5.6
Chain KMC 11s (110 links) 229
Crankset 170mm Rsram red 520.3
Disc brake 2x 160mm Titanium 89.6
Disc rotor bolts Ti 15.4
Fork after cut 399.5
Frame w/ hanger 1060
Front derail. carbon clamp + Ti bolt 8.1
Front derail. w/ chain c. 22Spd 82.1
Handlebar 3T Rotundo 177.9
Headset Token Heggset 79
Overal grease 7
Pedal egg beater 11 Ti 182.8
Rear derailleurs Sram 22 143.3
Rim Tape Rox for 2 rims 4.3
Saddle carbon Specialized 143mm 93.7
Seatpost Bontrager 31.8 XXX oval ears 165
Seatpost clamp Aerozine 8.8
Shifter lever brakes Sram 22 red 282.2
Star nut 8.8
Stem Cap + bolt Token 12.3
Stem collars carbon 5.3
Stem Uno 7 w/ Ti bolts 80.3
Tires Grand Bois Cerf 29c extra leger 440
Tubes Vittoria Latex 25-28c 163
Wheel China DIY ebay front 706.2
Wheel China DIY ebay rear 853.3
Skeweres front Krex plus 19.7
Skeweres Krex plus rear 21.9

Total weight 6570



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by limba

That's a road bike.

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by sm4100

Not really. The frame geometry is nothing close to a proper road bike, see the distances from tire edge to frame are quite big. The angles are also not too much into race/aero ergonomy. Also the frame can fit tire sizes up to 38C. I can even use my MTB wheels 26" with 1.95 tires with brake disk just plug n play. As I said I am currently using a 700×28C because 70% of my use is dirty roads but even this tire wouldn't fit in a specific road bike frame as its actual size is 29mm width, so yes it looks like a road bike and in fact it serves the purpose very well but it is much more comfortable and strong than a road bike and with the proper tires it is ready for a CX job without any further modification.

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by sm4100

Note the two same-size frame characteristics:

1.The CX frame has more relaxed angles compared to the road
2. The CX fork is much stronger
3. The CX tire is quite bigger although the white side line makes it look low profile



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by weenie

maybe he means you should weight it with decently knobby tires. i aint do no mud or dirts with those 'almost' slicks :)

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by sm4100

Ok ok not very difficult to think right...... remove 440g from the current tires and add 650g for a pair of a nice cross tire so you still have a bike weight of 6780g and good for mud. Still a very light CX bike isn't it. A tire doesn't make a bike type come on those you can change in 30 sec if you have two sets of wheels for different applications. BTW a 23c tire mounted on a Mountain bike doesn't make it a road bike

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