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by ms6073

Not sure I understand how the UCI could rule against the stays, but I do see a problem with the stays being that low and wide canti brake arms possibly catching the back of the riders leg during dismounts or for out of the saddle efforts.
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by Weenie

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by dereksmalls

gt5504b wrote:
dereksmalls wrote:I heard somewhere that the seat stay configuration above wasn't allowed in UCI races? Is that true? Anyone know?

What about the stays could be disallowed by the UCI? Is it too narrow in one direction?

Yeah not sure. I haven't read through the rule book to see if it mentions anything that in CS the satys must come from higher up the seat tube like a normal designed frame shape. Then again the Giant TCX has much the same shape in the seat stays, albeit a bit higher up the seat tube so I think someone was telling me the wring info there


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by jooo

AFAIK the rule is one that's applied to TT bikes most often.

I think the rule is roughly something that says the stays must make contact with the seat tube pretty much no lower than the height of the rear wheel.

Seeing as BMC do this on most of their frames, I can't see it being an issue.

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