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by Peter_E

Finished my gravel/commuter/winterbike. DirtyDisco w Campagnolo and dt240/xr400 wheels. 8.4 kg as pictured.Image

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by gt5504b

Definitely looks very nice.
Good motivation for me.
I'm slowly in the process of a similar project. I'm having a custom carbon Festka frame made for me here in the Czech Republic, and they are a bit behind schedule. Oh well, as long as it is ready for CX season!? :lol:

I did just order up a set of carbon disc hoops from Light-Bicycle, so will post when they are in hand in a month or so.

I think I'll try the TRP spyres too if I can get ahold of a pair.
Anyway, looking good!

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by Monkeyboy3333

what tyres you running there? 4 seasons?

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by Peter_E

Yes, tires are 4 season. Have fitted fenders now. Worked well, I think.

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by Miller76

Really, really nice!! If only they did one with a BB30....

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by xnavalav8r

Peter_E, what fenders did you use? I understood this frame had no fittings to attach frame or fork fenders.

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by Miller

I'd also be interested in seeing the solution for mudguards (fenders).

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