Does that happen regularly in CycloCross? :)

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by FelixOr

I don't know if this was posted before, but i didn't find anything with the :search: .
I just wondered if that's a normal thing to do in CycloCross.... looks like fun :roll:

by Weenie

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by RTW

It's Eric Cantona, he's finally found a decent sport! :lol:

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by roamer

richardtoddywoddy wrote:It's Eric Cantona, he's finally found a decent sport! :lol:

I can't see any relations to Eric Cantona!?

There were some viewers who were very unfair, they swear at him and they throw sludge at him and finally he was little bit angry...

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by Karbon

Pic from PEZ

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by XTC-Max

that's cyclocross: 100% mud, 100% real men, 100% real business. Eye for an eye :twisted:

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by Dennis

I'm afraid he will get punished for this by the UCI. In the paper Bart Wellens said that these guys trowd mud and beer at him for 4 rounds. Then he fell just before this happened. Then he lost his control when he past these guys the fift time. I understand his reaction.

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by Timo

Problem is that Groenendaal did roughly the same last year and he was disqualified by a Belgian jury. Now we have a Belgian doing this and he gets away with it.

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by brecht

The day afterwards Nys en Wellens gave a press conference together. They asked the spectators to be more polite and behave like real supporters should do. Wellens has made his excuses to the spectator and will accept a punishment. Nys said Wellens made a mistake, but it is difficult to stay neutral.
The judges are under fire to! They wanted Wellens to abandom, but he refused. After Wellens explanation at the end of the race, they crowned him winner of the race. Now the UCI will consider the incident and will decide on further implications for both: rider and spectators on Tuesday.

To be conitinued...

(More info can be found on - for the dutch speeking board members)

by Weenie

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