So, what brakes for cx, discs or canti?

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by kingkongsfinger

Post race debrief. Really wet, loads of mud and really windy. Brakes surprisingly performed very well indeed!
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by Weenie

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by nayr497

I installed my TRP CX8.4 brakes and went on one test ride last night. I'm impressed with the power and modulation. Left the stock charcoal grey TRP pads in there to see how they were, have some salmon Kool Stops on hand as well.

I followed the instructions but am still left with an issue, and a question.

For cx I like to have my lever pull to be very short and responsive. But, when I set them where I want them, the pads are right against the rim. When I adjust the cable length, the spring screws to center, and then the barrel adjuster to fine-tune things, the lever pull is much longer/deeper than I'd like.

Pads are 2-3 mm from rim on both sides. Is this just how it is? Could I take out a washer or spacer from the pad holder stud? (threaded).

Setup: Mavic Ksyrium ES rims (older, not the newer wider rims), TRP brakes (new), TRP new pads, Sram Force shifters.

Ideas? Thanks!
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