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Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by headwind816


I have a spare frameset that I would like to make into a SSCX. I am looking for tips to make this a cheap conversion in that I have geared wheels and such.

1) Brake levers - I figure I would hunt for broken SRAM levers and gut them; better suggestions?
2) SS hub - I read that I could use spacers to align a cog with my chainring; true/false? Better suggestions?
3) Chain tensioner - best one? Alternatives?
4) Guarding the chain - inner and outer; one or the other? Bash guard?

Finally, any recommendations for tooth pairing? I have a 36t and 38t in my parts big.

Cheap is the goal!

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by dwb

I temporarily converted a 1x10 bike to single speed for a race and wanted to keep it inexpensive as well. First, the cassette was removed and replaced with a dedicated single speed sprocket. With a straight chain-line there was a large gap to make up on either side of the gear. There are kits for this, but they cost money so I cut a PVC pipe to the correct size. Cheap and effective. I used the derailleur as a chain tensioner, as I do not believe in/like the idea of a magic ratio. This rendered the derailleur a rather expensive chain tensioner, but it was temporary for me. Maybe you could pick up a cheap derailleur somewhere. Finally, for chain guards I strongly recommend the N-gear jump stop for the inner. I run an outer chain guard that I made, but do not think guards are really necessary for single speed. The chain tension should be great enough to prevent the chain falling off. Test ride your bike and see if needs chain guards.

As for gearing I run a 36x16, but I really, really spin and it depends a lot on the course and rider.

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by allezdude

riders around here are allowed to zip tie their SRAM levers so they don;t shift, and qualify for the SS category. cant think of a "cheaper" conversion than that. :)

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