Tacx jockey wheels with stainless steel ball bearings

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by danwerle


I use Shimano 6700 & 5700 rear derailleurs on my cyclo-cross bikes.

I started snooping around, and found these jockey wheels, which the manufacturer recommends for cyclo-cross.

Manufacturer's Web site product link here: http://tacx2009.ilink2.nl/producten/ext ... eltjes.dot" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I'm curious about them, and haven't heard of others using them.

Do you have any experience with them for cyclo-cross? Any experience with any other after-market pulleys for cyclo-cross? I'm thinking particularly Extralite and Tiso, which are both more expensive than the Tacx.


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by ms6073

danwerle wrote:I'm thinking particularly Extralite and Tiso, which are both more expensive than the Tacx.
No experience with Tacx' pulleys but I have used both Enduro Hybrid Ceramic but currently use the Tiso jockey wheels because for me, the bearings in the Enduro pulleys did not spin very well following a couple weekends of rainy/muddy races last season.
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by Weenie

bc sparks
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by bc sparks

I have the Tacx ceramic jockey wheels on my cross bike and I think they are pretty good. Very smooth and quiet. I'm using them in a Campy Centaur derailleur and the shifting is no different than the stock jockeys, but the ceramic Tacx do feel like they run smoother.

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by mobi

I used the Tacx with normal bearings on a couple of bikes (as a father being responsible for 6 bikes of young U19 racers). So far they made no problems and they look like new in the second saison. In contrast the campy wheels on my bike a much more worn in the same time frame. I will buy next time for sure the Tacx wheels both for road and cross.

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