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by mattydubs

Hola Weenies!

I just joined a CX team and will be racing come September. My question for the CX folks: any frame recommendations? I race on a custom steel road frame (Columbus Spirit) with an Enve fork and like that feel (the bike is reasonably light for what's roughly a 53, 16.5 lbs with race wheels). Through my team I can get a custom CX frame (in carbon or steel), but it wouldn't be done before January so that's out (for now). My gut has me looking at building up a Swiss Cross. I can get a few things at cost (pretty much anything QBP and I get a discount on SRAM, which is what I race road on) but was hoping to spend around $2500 all told. First CX bike and all, it doesn't have to be the greatest thing ever, but I don't want shit (sort of interested in either Rival or Apex as it would give me an excuse to get a Stages... because I won't pull the Quarq off my road bike but I'd still like power).

At any rate, the Swiss Cross is kind of first on my list. I know I could get a better deal on a complete, but this time of year inventory is kind of in flux. I basically have a month to get my shit together. Material is not important, though I'll certainly ride mild singletrack on it and use it on super snowy days when I feel all Belgian and don't want to futz with the road bike. Not too worried about the lower BB on the Swiss Cross compared to, say, a Ridley. Discs I'm indifferent on (in Colorado it's not too muddy to warrant them, I've been told). I know the Swiss Cross is oft described as "flexy", but I'm 5'7.5" and weigh 138+/- 5 lbs depending on time of year.

I even toyed with getting something really cheap (like an All City), putting good shit on it and putting in for a custom frame... which I'd get some day. But those frames are *f##k* heavy.

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by limba

I wouldn't get a custom frame until you've done a season of racing/riding. Then you'll have a better idea what you want and the industry will have figured out/improved a few more things (discs, thru axle, etc).

One thing to consider - Who is capable of flexing a bike more, a fit guy that weighs 140 or a 200 pound fat ass.

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by Ragamuffin

Before I put in my full 2 cents, is there a particular reason you're leaning towards the Swiss Cross at the moment?

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by ninjaman

I'd pick up something aluminum, maybe a Redline or Fuji?

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by toride

Even a Crosslight, a mate of mine has raced on one three or four times this season and he raves about it, its not to lardy either guesstamate 18/19 lb for a 56cm, seems really strong and looks cool as.

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