So what's the verdict on the CX disc debate?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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For your next cyclocross bike, which brakes will you use

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by bm0p700f

MTB users do not use cable actuated discs for the same reasons as the velo article states. Hydraulics are so much better.

Aslo that article make me wonder what is fun about CX but that what's great about cycling it is such a varied sport and there is something for everyone.

In MTB XC racing you don't stop either, in fact you only stop when you finish or crash. For XC racing canti;s would not work as well simply because of the braking you need to do would have to be done earlier especially in the wet. In dry conditions canti/v's are fine but we still don't use them much.

The main reason why disc are not used in CX or on road bikes is the same reason as why high end wines have real cork stoppers rather than plastic ones which seal better. People won't buy top wines with plastic stoppers as they think they are inferior. Same for disc brakes.

Some disc brake systems are not that heavy and given how much mud you pick up when CX racing the extra weight of a disc brake system is not that important.

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by limba

You don't stop in any type of racing but in mtn bike racing... ah, forget it. Enough debating. You're getting discs whether you want them or not. Bump this thread in three years and show me any high end racing bike that doesn't have discs on it. Bump this thread in five years and show me any new cross bike with cantis on it.

by Weenie

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by scott_racer

Geoff wrote:People will eventually figure it out: ... mud_271112" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false; :beerchug:

Once hydraulics come out at lower price points all this will be moot.

Besides, what are you people doing that you are so worried about wearing through set of pads in a ONE hour race? If I can get through a FOUR hour MTB race in the foulest of conditions (arguably more demanding on brakes than a CX race) and still have my pads intact then you need to have a look at yourselves! #GETOFFTHEBRAKES
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by gt5504b

what are you people doing that you are so worried about wearing through set of pads in a ONE hour race?

It is pretty rare, but over the past ~5 years I have ran into two races where disc brakes got thrashed.
The first one was a 24hours in the Old Pueblo race out in Tucson, AZ. It rained for pretty much all the night before and and most of the race leaving a course that had standing/running water on most of the trail and many swollen washes. With the desert hardpack trail there, a thin slurry of sand was constantly being sprayed on all bike surfaces. I went through 1.5 sets of avid mechanical disc pads, and 1 set of LX hydro pads over about 7-9 hours of racing. I actually ended up doing a few laps on a buddies CX bike, because after about 6 hours everyone on all types of bikes had begun to wear through whatever brake pads they had and many of the extras brought. The locals and support crews hurried back to town and raided every bike shop they could, and still by noon the next day many people had just given up without hopes of replacing their brakes.

The second time was on a ~80km XC marathon race outside of Prague in the Czech Republic a couple years ago. Heavy rain during the race which had long hardpack gravel road sections resulted in more riding through flowing water. The base limestone silt of the gravel roads again coated everything, and I had to abandon 2/3 of the way in because I knew of two long technical downhills coming up, and I was already pressing pad backing into the rotors to scrub speed. I am aware of a few other DNFs, but most people on hydros and v-brakes seem to have not had as big a problem as I. To be fair, my pads were probably worn half way to start, but I just hadn't anticipated the poor conditions on what was supposed to be a reasonably short and easy race.

In both cases, I was actually breaking very little as they were both fast wide open courses. But the constant spray of fine grit on the rotors gradually wore away the braking material from the pads even when the pads were fully retracted. The second event even toasted a front rotor that I was braking on with the pad backing just in an effort to safely make it to a bail out point.

The 'perfect storm' conditions are pretty rare, by the are a real problem, especially for mechanical discs.
Now I haven't had the same conditions again yet, but I feel much more confident with my new XTR brakes, which retract quite far, and move to the rotor in 2 stages.
Hopefully Shimano's foray into CX/road hydraulic discs will incorporate some tech from these exceptional XTR stoppers!

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by dereksmalls

I'm hanging out for Campag to join the trend! Mmm, hydraulic Campag CX disc brakes. I think I'll be waiting a while though! :lol:

elmar schrauth
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by elmar schrauth

dereksmalls wrote:I'm hanging out for Campag to join the trend! Mmm, hydraulic Campag CX disc brakes. I think I'll be waiting a while though! :lol:

in 10 years ............perhaps

i dont believe on wearing out, a set of pads so fast
the disc brake(hydraulic) from Shimano is already running, since 3or 4 month.
first pictures will come soon

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by jimmm

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I would like some advice please as I am unsure whether to get a disc or canti cyclocross bike. I will be riding in mostly dry conditions (except if I get caught in the rain!); on road, gravel, firetrack and compact mud.

It seems that for my budget around £1,500 (max £1,750) - that I can either pick up an alloy frame with discs, or a carbon frame with cantis. I want to be able to go fast, but also have the comfort for long rides.

What would you guys recommend?

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by limba

If you get a canti frame, upgrade to mini v brakes with Kool Stop brake pads. That's as good as it gets without going to discs. If you buy a bike in 2014 or later it has to be discs.

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by jimmm

Thanks for the reply. What mini v-brakes are recommended? Something like the TRP CX9?

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by limba

Yup. Here's the best price I could find.

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by winky

At the shop that I work at, we are having a very difficult time selling our remaining CX bikes that are not disc ready. There is a huge demand for discs. Our customers when looking for a new CX bike are only looking at disc-equipped bikes.

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by hamishf

I've just started riding a BH team RX with discs. I didn't think I'd be as won over as I am. As the above post says, everyone want discs now it seems, in Australia at least.

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by pushstart

I had a set of TRP Mini-V on my CX bike, but then when I had to have frame replaced under warranty i upgraded to disc. The mini v were much better than the Shorty 4 cantis they replaced, but disc were far better than mini-v for my needs (commuting and riding single track). The consistent performance, modulation and pad life (5k miles now) have been great. I love how quick it is to change out wheels between commuting and CX (building with same hubs helps there); readjusting for different rims was always a pain. Another general advantage to disc is not having to worry about carbon braking surfaces (if you want carbon wheels).

I don't think I would buy any new bike now (even road, though that is admittedly fairly nascent) without disc.

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