What tires do you train/race on?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by martinSL

I'd love to get your input into some tire selection exercise I am doing. Can you please specify what tires you use for different activities like:

CX training
CX racing

If you use different tires for different conditions (dry, mud, ..) please specify too. If you also ride/race road I have a separate thread for that.

Many thx
Racing and Training Cycling Tires

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by martinSL

My data:

train/race drier conditions: Vittoria Cross Evo XG 32mm tubular
train/race wet/muddy conditions: Vittoria Cross Evo XM 32mm tubular
Racing and Training Cycling Tires

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by Dr.Dos

Training: Michelin Jet /w Challenge Latex tubes (dry or wet), 3,3-3,5 bar
Racing depending on track/condition: Dugast Typhoon/Rhino/Mud/Pipistrello, 1,3-2,0 bar

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by eordman

Train: continental cyclocross race clinchers
Race: Challenge Grifo front/Fango rear tubulars

I've also got some ritchey speedmax file tread clinchers but tit's rarely dry enough to warrant using them over the tubulars.

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by availpunk9

train: fango 34s
race: specialized tracers or limus

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by joeldesgreniers

Train: Michelin Mud 2

Race: 1 pair Challenge Grifo XS, 1 pair Grifo 32, 1 pair Limus (I use the Grifo 32 way more often). I even sometimes use Mud 2 for certain courses or for the pitbike.

bc sparks
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by bc sparks

Train: Michelin Jet or Michelin Mud 2 front with Vittoria XG.

Race: FMB Grippo XL 32 Tubulars. Will add FMB Grifo tubulars.

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by cerro

Training on and will probably race on: Challenge Grifo 32.
/jonas l
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by helios

Train and race on the same tires.
Specialized Trigger, Challenge Fango 32, Challenge Limus 33 depending on conditions. All tubular.

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by rockdude

Train on
Challenge Grifo 32

Race on
Dugast- Rhino
Dugast- Typhoon
FMB- Super Mud
Challenge- Fango
FMB- File
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by jcrr

I train/race on Schwalbe Rocket Rons. RoRo's are the bomb!

I have been trying out Clement PDX tubies, but have been constantly washing out on asphalt.
I guess I have gotten used to the Schwalbes.
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by Rich_W

Race Tubulars:
FMB SSC 32s (x2)
FMB Supermud 32s
Dugast Rhino 32s

Race/Train Clinchers:
Challenge Griffo XS 32s (Dry Grass Race/Smooth surface training)
w/ Challenge Red Latex tubes + talc

Train Tubeless:
Stans Raven 35s (Rocky surface training)

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by gummee

Train: clincher Racing Ralphs if I'm multi-surface riding. I'd rather wear out a clincher than a tubular...

Train CX only: FMB SSC* RR Grifo Ft

Race: Conti 'Mud' RR Fango Ft

Backup backup wheel: Tufo Dry 32**


*The FMB died a horrible death this weekend. Sliced completely thru the tread. Needs replacing
** Haven't actually ridden the Dry 32 yet. Tomorrow... Just glued it on recently

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by hanoskator


i'm using for training:

Challenge Limus open tubular ( most of the time )
Also schwalbe cx comp, for combined road and cross training.


FMB SSC tubular - for allround conditions.
FMB SSC SPRINT tubular - for dry/icy conditions
FMB super mud! for muddy conditions! i love thoseee they are grippy like velcro! i can really recommend these.
+ FMB durability is really good, i raced 4 seasons on my set of FMB SSC tubulars. That were like 40 cross races.



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by edesigner

rockdude wrote:Train on
Challenge Grifo 32

Race on
Dugast- Rhino
Dugast- Typhoon
FMB- Super Mud
Challenge- Fango
FMB- File

Now that's a quiver :beerchug:

Training: Challenge Grifo 32 Clincher.


Mud: Specialized Captain Cross tubeless 34

Dry: Tufo Elite 32

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