One shoe for Cyclocross and Road?

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by dvincere

This is my dream. I know I will have to give up some weight, but can I do it reasonably? I have been doing road for a while and am new to cyclocross so I am looking for an appropriate shoe. My road shoes are toast after four (!) years of racing them. I can buy a cheap CX shoe and a nice road shoe or a nice shoe that can do both (switching from speedplay to eggbeater candies probably and enjoying one pedal system for all bikes). The Bont Vaypor XC look nice and potentially good for both road and cyclocross. As does the Giro Code.

I live in the northeast US since I know location greatly affects cross race courses.

Any thoughts? Other shoes I should look at? Should I abandon this dream? If so, what's the best value for a cx newbie?


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by HillRPete

Regardless of cycling discipline or cleat system I find it always handy to have 2 pairs, because you can use the other pair when one is still wet from the previous day.

Also for Cross you want something you can run in, which may look out of place on the road, for those inclined.

(I've always been using very cheap shoes, it's more important that they fit well)

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by limba

Mavic Fury are awesome shoes but make sure your heel doesn't slip out of them when you walk/run.
Sidi, Giro, Specialized, etc, etc. Any of the uber high end will do the job. Try them on and see how they fit.

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by dvincere

Talking to some buddies and it seems like it's silly to buy an uber nice show for CX if you're on a budget. They'll get trashed. I'm a minimalist at heart and the cycling gear runs counter to my ideals. Sometimes you just can't get the right tool for multiple jobs. Cheap CX shoes it is and nice roadie shoes. I'm looking for reasonably good shoes that offer some protection from cold and wet now for a good price. Thanks for the inputs.

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by limba

It's still going to be the same brands just a cheaper model. All of those brands make a variety of shoes at different prices. You'll have to try on the shoes for yourself and see what fits the best. Even if 20 guys say buy Sidis you may not like them.

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by rockdude

I like very nice road shoes but prefer cheaper CX shoes. I like my cx shoes a little less stiff and rubber bottoms, this is what the cheaper shoes have. I have had the furys and the dragons but I feel the cheaper shoes do a better job for CX.
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by headwind816

I have been thinking of doing the same, and I recently picked up a pair of Specialized S-Works MTB 2011 models at a great price. For the record, I ride S-Works road shoes too. The soles are super stiff, and I am not sure how much I will like them after a few stair climbs, but at the moment, I am really digging them. I also like being able to walk into a store without fearing that I slip and end up on the floor.

I do not buy the argument of buying cheap on the basis that it will get trash. If that was the case, everyone would be on old steel bikes and wearing shorts, t-shirts, and sandals :lol: I say buy what you want AND reasonably afford and enjoy the ride.

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by russianbear

Diadora has some great low price mountain bike shoes that are perfect for CX. Often times you can get a carbon shoe for around $100 with all the internet sales.

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by cycleforlife

i was told don't use a carbon sole shoe for cross to stiff to run in, i just got a pair of mavic rush from for a great price and they fit...

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by TerribleCadence

I use the giro prolight slx for road, and have just bought the gauge as my new cross shoes. They are awesome. I held fire on the codes for now as I'm awaiting the highlight yellow 2013 colour way to be released, then I'll upgrade. I will also be buying the black/highlight yellow prolights when they're released too - soo nice!
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by BSUdude

cycleforlife wrote:i was told don't use a carbon sole shoe for cross to stiff to run in, i just got a pair of mavic rush from for a great price and they fit...

I've heard this too and didn't heed it. I got a pair of mavic fury's and they work fine. Look at pics of pro races in the US and you'll see a lot of people in furys, not because they are sponsored by them, but because they are light and stiff (carbon sole). They also have a well thought out tread pattern on the bottom of the shoe which allows easier clipping in than other shoes.

I don't think any bike shoe is going to be good for running and riding.

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by row618

The only carbon sole you should avoid is the Bonts.All others are fine. I have cracked 3 sets of bonts running in them- they are just too stiff. That being said they are marketed as a commuter shoe so I ma not really using them for the intended purpose.

The spz shoes are great for cross, the pro is actually a bit better the the sworks for the BOA thing will eventully get clogged and wreaked with cross, happen to me 2 yrs ago. I just go with velco/ buckles now.


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by Frans

Jeez there's so much 'stuff' out there about stiff vs not-stiff, it's like a "Sh!t cyclists say" video.

If you treat your CX as a joke then get joke shoes. If you want to pedal your bike with the same efficiency as your road bike buy a stiff shoe. Stiff shoes feel fantastic on run ups where you have to dig your toes in to get purchase. Stiffness helps forward progress in my experience. Have you had to walk up a steep snowy slope in ski boots? The ultra stiff sole makes it seem you're on a stair-climber - that's not a bad thing.

There's a lot more pedalling in cross than running so I really don't understand this soft shoe routine.

If you want just 1 shoe you need to go high end - try a Vapour XC, Spesh S-Works, top Giro shoe, or the top Mavic XC shoe.

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by nathanong87

cycleforlife wrote:i was told don't use a carbon sole shoe for cross to stiff to run in, i just got a pair of mavic rush from for a great price and they fit...

yea but if the sole is flexy they are going to suck for pedaling. and for cross, u aren't running THAT much.

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by jackattack

i have been using the Sidi dragon 3.., i used them a couple of time for cyclocross..but mostly use them on the road..coming winter.
and they are great.
on the road i don't notice i am wearing cyclocross i get more grip to get on or off if wet...etc..on the road.
as for stiffness to use in cyclocross.. i was hurting to much and breathing so hard, that sole stiffness was the last thing on my mind.
I have the ergo 2 for road.
and really love the dragon3... i do prefer the ergo 2 look....but that's all.
for traveling or if i go and rent bikes when away i bring my MTB pedals and dragon 3.

they are pricey but if you get a deal they are worth the buy

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