Ultra long distance touring on a lightweight Trek 5200

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by durianrider

Is it possible? Heck yeah! (what tuned/sl parts can you spot? :wink: )

I rode Seattle to Los Angeles + Gold Coast to Cairns on this beast. Used the Carradice Slim on the EC90 post no worries. ;) I only carried 2-3kg of luggage + food and water in the moment. Only the Mavic Open Pro cracked at the end of the trip but I kept riding it till it was unrideable. Then cut it up and put it in the recycling bin along with the C-xray's.

Here is some shots of the bike set up.


For the Gold Coast - Cairns trip it took me 10 days straight for the approx 2000k trip. I had a 850g gore tex bivvy, thongs, running shorts, spare tyre + tube +patches+ multi tool. 1 pair of knicks for the entire trip just washed and dried overnight.

I caught up to a few tourers fully loaded and they just couldnt believe how fast and light I was riding. I didnt even bring a camera that trip.

For the Seattle to Los Angeles trip it was more luggage with the edition of a Snugpak Merlin 3 sleeping bag + running shoes + camera + paclite gore tex jacket. Same bike with same Carradice Slim bag.

In hindsight I think its better to run an alloy post vs carbon as its too easy to scratch.

I slept anywhere I wanted. Never used a hotel both trips. Showered at car parks/beach stops.

Here is a tuned Cannondale I took thru Thailand & Cambodia.


Another tuned 5500 I rode from Singapore to Bangkok with. I had not even a kg with this trip as I only had a mosquito net and used more hotels.


I ran out of water and didnt eat enough carbs the day before and was feeling like riding thru hell when I saw this road sign. ;)

Typical 'tuned camping' in the tropics.

Foam mats are cheaper and stronger and lighter than the blow up ones.

My GF likes to do my head in by putting big melons in my tuned bob 'ssl' trailer.
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by HarryS

Ill have to admit the immature side of me required re-reading of the big melons sentance with accompanying picture. :roll: :lol:

Champion effort though mate!

by Weenie

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by kulivontot

The randonneur in me thinks you're batshit crazy for touring on such a lightweight setup and so few supplies. Anything more than a flat tire it seems like you'd be completely screwed. However rolling up up 15% grades on 80+ pounds of bike and gear certainly makes me envious of your setup. Open pros are shit for durability. They always crack at the eyelet. One thing I'd never compromise on any sort of tour is a nice sturdy wheel with some big ol' comfy tires, just In case you need to go on a dirt path.

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by thesergeant

"tuned bob 'ssl' trailer."

What did you do to "tune" it? I started touring with a Bob trailer but have moved onto soft bags since I can't stomach the idea of pulling a 13+lbs trailer anymore. If I could get it to like 8lbs I'd consider it but I don't know that it's possible.

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by Dozer

Awesome set-up! While I don't do overnight rides, I have been exploring South China on a 6.9kg Stevens Xenon. The less weight, the less wait.

Again, great bikes, great pics, great adventures and your gf is a total babe! :beerchug:

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