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by mikeyg

CXF. So you think that the on-one dirty disco is a pile junk? I am pretty sure that their CF is chinese. I have found a frame which looks identical and has identical geometry from a chinese manufacturer. How do you know that all chinese carbon is junk? I understand that Taiwan was set up for the aerospace industry hence why their carbon is quality. I certainly have some quite reasonable stuff that is chinese. Also i get an inkling that molds probably get replicated and passed around to china as identical looking products appear from Taiwan and chinese manufacturers. I have also talked to some chinese manufacturers who say how they have learnt how to produce carbon from the Taiwanese. Nonetheless i wouldnt touch that chinese ebay frame with a bargepole.

I have seen some rubbish carbon out there. One MTB frame looked like the front half had been formed from two molded sections glued together, it snapped!

I think its more important to see that the products conforms to some testing regulations (EN i think is one), and to see the constrcution method and environment is suitable.

I havent seen any taiwenese disc cyclocross frames, but if you are after non-disc search alibaba and sort for taiwan. Find something that looks reputable and contact the seller and ask for a sample.

I have some trigon 26" carbon forks that are great, i think they are also branded by ritchey. http://www.cycledivision.co.uk/product- ... pid49.html. They also do a disc frame http://www.trigonbicycles.com/e/p_framesets_xqc02.html.
but you would have to contact an agent local to you to get hold of one i guess.

£900 for a 1100g cyclocross frameset.

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by CXF

if you have a "on-one dirty disco " and you say its a good frame, i stand corrected. but we both agree on the frame that started this thread, we both wouldnt touch it. it looks cheap.
its cross season buddy

by Weenie

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by qwop

Just built up my cross bike with this frame. All the options are nice (disc compatable, Di2 routing, mechanical routing) there's just a lot of holes to tape over if you're going the standard braking/shifting route :wink:

I'm primarily a mountain biker and the handling with this bike was spot-on, at least to me with limited cross experience. I'm running a 90mm stem and have my hoods set-up close and I think it makes up for the longish top tube on the 54cm

I dont have a weight for the frame only... sorry

bc sparks
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by bc sparks

mikeyg wrote: I am pretty sure that their CF is chinese. I have found a frame which looks identical and has identical geometry from a chinese manufacturer.

The OnOne Dirty Disco is made in Taiwan. It is the BEV 7009 frame and fork from BEV-INT.

This is now an open mold frame that is being produced by several Chinese manufacturers that can be found on alibaba.com as the AC024 frame.

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