Bianchi Zurigo?

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by mjduct

I've been looking at cheaper steel frames but I can get my hands on a Zurigo for about $500.

Anyone have any experience with this frame?

I'm going to put a campy chorus/record group on it (still need to buy the campy cantilevers) =]

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by mjduct




nobody has an opinion... on WW???

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by joeyruan

i don't have experience with this frame, but looks nice, maybe

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by SpeedyChix

I had an Axis (earlier version of this but Alu) and it was a great handling CX bike.
If I was in the market, the carbon Bianchi CX frameset would be on my shortlist.
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by weenis

I have this bike and love it. It was my first geared bike, so I can't really compare it to much but it think it's as close to a "all in one" bike as you can get. I was commuting to work (17 miles each way) with a road wheelset then putting a CX wheelset on and hitting trails. It's also drilled for panniers, but I never used them. 0 complaints about the bike.

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