28, 30 ,32 or 34 ???

Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by Romano

Hy Friends, :D

I only want to know wich tubulars section you use for which condition ?
and do you ride the biggest or the smaller tubulars possible for muddy conditions ?

I look at pro in beautiful races like superprestige and the main section used is 32 even for very light runner as Gadret !!! I am not in every races but I have never seen runner with 28 tubulars and you ?

Why we scarcely see runner with white Dugast tubulars for which conditions are they made ?

Of course it must be a question of feeling but I only want to know main principles to apply !!!

Thanks a lot for your help.


Live to ride, ride to live...

Racing Aardvark
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by Racing Aardvark

My best wheels have 32s on them, as that's a nice size for all conditions. My other wheels have 30s. I had some 34s for bad mud, but sold them off. I also used a set of Diamond Tread 28s for really hard packed fast courses, they SCREAMED on the pavement sections.

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by breeze

This is a nice question, so please once again. :-)

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by mtbtodd

I learned one thing in Belgium last winter. Use wide tires for a predominantly sandy course. I generally ran a 34 in the mud courses. Dugast tubulars or Schwalbe's clinchers. Hope this helps. Todd

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