Spooky and 4za brakes, are they the same?

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by HarryFrmWhtcastl

The two brakes look the exact same. Are they? I was thinking bout getting the 4za because its easier for me to get than the spooky.

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by simon

last year's 4za were the same as the older spooky alu(the newer ones have less alu, kind of drilled out). this year's ones are the same like empella froglegs.functionally there is no difference. you can fix the cable with the empella/newer 4za cable hangers, but i don't think this is a necessary feature, i always took the little screws out for better weight...

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by Boonen

The new 4za brakes definetly look a lot nicer than last years spooky's. I haven't really checked out this years spooky's, but the 4za's look pretty simular from what I can see, with the hole in them etc. They come with a far better cable straddle (spooky's round one isn't very good) and the aluminium hardware is polished. The 4za's should be about 25€ cheaper and include brake pads as well.

elmar schrauth
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by elmar schrauth

the spokey email adress doesnt work!
does anybody know , whats going on there?

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