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Especially for light weight issues concerning cyclocross / touring bikes & parts.

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by harry2110

I was wondering if I have any cost effective places to drop weight on my 2007 giant tcx commuter.

frame- 2007 giant tcx small-no weight as I didnt have a scale at the shop
Fork - winwood canti with alloy steerer
headset- crane creek zs0 intergreated
brakes- tektro cr720
crankset- truvalta noir road(force equivalient)
bb- gxp standard
wheels - ksyrium equipes(1690g)/ forte apollo(1650g)
tires - (Hutchinson atom comp(190g)/kenda kommander(330g)
tubes- forte road tubes 19-23
cassette - sram 1070 12-25
chain- wipperman 10s0
cages- bell carbon(37g)
seat- selle flite with ti rails(210)
seatpost- spectre ul comp(???) I do have a USE alien AL but have to order the clamp which i dont know is worth it as it seems to be unreliable
handlebars- kestrel os sl(195g)
stem - profile corba s 100mm
cables- jagwire housings and slick inner
fenders- bontrager satellite plus( foldable and zipup fenders)
pedals - shimano 520 spd
shifters- sram rival
FD- rival clamp
rd- rival short cage
tape- profile design
computer- garmin edge 800
rear light- superflash generic from performance

weight 19lbs 14oz(road) 20lbs 8oz( cross tires)

Is there a way to make with bike around 17lbs or is it the frameset weighting it down? This is a drastic weight loss compared to my last frameset which was a cross check?

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by jcrr

I think it comes down to function & cost analysis- What is it you want to do with the bike (road vs race cx vs commute), and how much you want to spend?

I'm going to point out one of the most obvious one- the wheelset(s). If you've got the cash for, say, Zipp 303s tubies, right there you are looking at ~500g (1.1lbs) off. Or, go crazy lighter, with something like these: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=100583 and you are now at ~820g (1.8lbs) off.

Of course, if you go racing, take the light, fenders, computer, cages off.
"If it ain't broken, it could be lighter"

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by captainclarko


With your current build you might be looking at a lot of small upgrades to drop those 3lbs that you are looking for.

Rival shifters> Red shifters= 60g
Rival Front Der. > Red Front Der. = 40g
Rival Rear Der. > Red Rear Der. = 25g
Shimano PD-M520 > Shimano PDM970 = 50g
Ksyrium Equipes > Reynolds Forty Six Tubulars = 480g

This is a total of 655g.

Take off your fenders, computer, and your light and you may save another 200-400 depending on what you are running for fenders. (This is an estimate)

After that, a lighter frameset would shave off quite a bit. Another WW member reported a large size 2011 TCX at 2170g without the headset or seat post collar. Your weight savings could look like this:
Giant TCX>Ritte Crossberg =690g

These are all ways you could drop weight but the answer to your question about cost effectiveness is no. These are expensive upgrades even if you sell parts to make up the difference. In your position (I am. I have an aluminum 2009 Ridley with Ultegra parts at 19lbs 9oz) I would keep the TCX as a do everything bike. You can take this on road rides during the summer, ride to work in bad weather, and pull off the lights and fenders for the weekend races during cross season without worrying about keeping your expensive race bike in good shape.

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by harry2110

ok got the offical weight now
Cross with a rear light is only 19lb less than I original weighted it at, so around 18lbs without pedals and acc.
I do have a use alien seatpost but am worried about using it as the spectre ul is preforming great for the $5 I paid when compare to the money for a thompson masterpiece.

In road I only have the one weighting of 20.2lbs with fenders and a nightrider pro 1200

anyone ever run the chianese hubs(rotaz) with the stans alpha 340s? also will going tubless really loose any weight?

also got a pic of it with the wheelset i recently gave to a friend that needed them and now have a set of AC victorys on it

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