budget 1X mech groupset with 2X gear range

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by satanas

^ Until somebody tries things - at vast expense! - it's all just theory. Anytime one mixes bits from all over the place there's the potential for unforeseen consequences, though often the theory works out in practice. As Dirty Harry said, "Do you feel lucky, punk?" ;-)

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by fa63

I use the Ratio Technology 1x13 conversion kit with SRAM Rival shifters and RD, and either the 9-42 (for road) or 10-44 (for gravel) Ekar cassettes. Works great. For the crankset, I am using Red cranks arms with the Quarq 5-bolt power meter spider and Ratio Technology 38T chainring.

The Ratio Technology conversion wasn't super cheap, but not crazy expensive either.


by Weenie

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