6.5kg (14lb) Winter Gravel Bike Project

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by xixang

sib wrote:
Sun Nov 07, 2021 1:12 am
Very cool - looking forward to more pics as you make progress!

I see you've gone for a Darimo seatpost.
Was there a reason you didn't want to get a Darimo stem and handlebars as well?
Darimo is pretty amazing stuff. So is Extralight and AX. I like Matchy-Matchy where I can but these parts are all going silver so that didn't matter. I chose the AX handlebar since it has a very short reach that works with my bike fit, Darimo could not offer a custom bar, I asked. Their bar probably would have been lighter too but fit is more important. The Extralite stem was lighter by a few grams for less money so that was the reason there.

by Weenie

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by takolino

Nice looking project. Any updates? Is the DA derailleur working with the 936 cassette? I have a similar setup but running 932 and the DA derailleur barely clears 32t. Looking forward to see the final build.

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by gbr236

Any news on this? Love a chebacco

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by xixang

gbr236 wrote:
Sat Dec 04, 2021 1:46 am
Any news on this? Love a chebacco
The update is that I am working on frame paint design and finishes. It's quite time consuming and I have to wait on a lot of things! I knew this would be the case, hence my plan to have ready by spring.

I've decided to use Black Magic Paint to repaint the frame, it's a little daunting to choose a scheme since the options are infinite. They have me booked to paint it in January so I have to decide by then.

I could do a test assembly prior but I don't have the wheelset built yet. Making all of the modern black anodized parts silver is quite the project. And black carbon parts I am planning to paint. One part that was eluding me was the extralite hubs. They are very precise tolerances and stripping and ano off and re-anodizing could have created problems. I had reached out to them and they agreed to make a limited run of silver hubs, how cool is that! Those hubs should show up this week, I'll upload a pic when they do. After that I can probably go ahead and have a local custom auto body shop paint my carbon parts including rims and THEN I can have my wheels built. And possibly a test assembly after that. I had done some research and it did seem to me that the DA rear mech would handle the 36t but won't know for sure until I try. Backup option is a GRX or XTR rear mech.

Last piece I am working on is the ano strip. Black parts like headset, stem, dropouts, axles, etc. The Leonardi cassette has a gold 36t ring and my bottom bracket shell is red. The lye strip method doesn't always work well enough, probably on hard ano. Sandblasting works but then there is this very dull matte blasted finish. I sent several test pieces to a place (C&M Topline) that offered to develop a process for a vibratory tumbler (which I have). The hope is that I can blast the parts, then tumble them in a combination of plastic, ceramic, and then rouge coated walnut shells to get a nice satin OEM like silver finish. Then I can have them re-anodized in silver. I guess a true weighweenie wouldn't be concnered with all these finishes, huh?!

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by xixang

Might be the first set ever of Extralite hubs in silver, they're available now on their web store. Not sure if they were planning to offer them or my bugging them caused them to?! Anyways, I now have a black set to sell if anyone is interested. I also decided to give the Hope RX4 calipers a shot since they come in machined silver and finally found a set. We'll see how much they weigh in at, I like that the front has the adapter bracket built in.



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by mashiehood

please please please do not put that Leonadi Cassette on to the freehub, once on and torqued correctly it will not come off - because once you try, the threaded cap that hold it all together comes loose and you have to basically destroy the cassette to get it off.....

See video below with some hilarious subs... mine was also a 9-36..

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by Attermann

I have tried pulley wheels from Leonardi, pure shit, the bearings where destroyed after one ride.

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