pedal manufacturers which offer longer spindles

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by prokyon


I thought I would start a list with different manufacturers which offer longer spindles for their pedals (I'll try to maintain this list over time - respond to this thread if you want your answer included).
  • * Shimano SPD-SL 52mm and 56mm centerline road (+4mm spindles)
    * iSSi Flash III pedals with 52.5mm, 58.5mm and 64.5mm centerline (+6 and +12mm spindles)
    • * iSSi has more such pedals for road and MTB
    * Crank Brothers sells 57mm centerline upgrade spindle kit for their popular eggbeater pedals
    * SpeedPlay discontinued - purchased by Wahoo.
I know that iSSi is discontinuing a lot of their components (can't buy/order Flash III pedals anymore) as QBP is possibly killing that brand and creating a new one (learned from a bike shop when placing an order today).

Are there any other SPD pedals which offer longer spindles? The shortest pedal extender which I found is 18mm and I need roughly a 59mm centerline, so 18mm+52mm centerline extension is too long.

by Weenie

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by prokyon

well, apparently someone already took the liberty of creating this list here
[I couldn't find this article as it's called "q-factor" which usually has to do with cranks and not pedal spindle length]

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by viragevitesse

Sqlab make great MTB SPD pedals with +8 and +15mm spindles. ... s-511.html

Shame about Issi of thats true. They make a great MTB XC pedal that uses all sealed cartidge bearings, no bushings, Spin really well.

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by rothwem

FWIW, I ended up putting an mountain bike crank on my Gravel/CX bike because I couldn't find wider pedal spindles for SPDs. I've got an X01 crank (168mm q-factor) with a 110bcd Power2Max and the chainline is perfect. That puts me at about an extra +11-12mm on each side.

Sram made a 154mm q-factor XX1 crank, you might be able to find one on ebay, that adds about 4.5mm per side compared to a normal road crank.

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by Gravel89

I know SQ Lab offers pedals with longer spindel

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