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by Hawkwood

I've used the original iclics for about two years and like them. I sometimes get the false clip-in situation, but it's easy to resolve while riding. I've had no problems with the cleats breaking or wearing quickly, however I think this may be down to the contours of the soles of the shoes you're using, they've worked fine with Vittorias and Sidis. I've tried loads of different pedal systems, and so far these have been the best. However stating the obvious pedals are a personal thing

by Weenie

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by darwinx

The only difference between iClics and iClic2's are the metal wear plates.[/quote]

That is not an accurate statement. The bottom rears have been substantially changed as well for greater reliability. There is a very visible difference if you look at the old and new pedals. Also the cleats and bearings have been improved.
I don't get your claim about rocking. I wear a size 48 wide shoe and if anyone would notice rocking I think I would but I don't.
It's too bad Time did a poor job engineering and testing the original iClic's but the iClic 2s are very much improved and I still prefer their float over anything else out there.

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by darwinx

WeightySteve wrote:I wont bite...

The OP asked for views, I gave him mine. The End.

Sure. Why let new information change what you want to believe.

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by darwinx

I received my Time Racer pedals today. Gray not white like the previous versions. Fine with me since they look better on a titanium bike. I'm putting them on later today and riding tomorrow and will give a ride report after that. They do feel a lot more robust than the previous versions. The pedals and the cleats have a noticeably more durable solid feel and build.


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by darwinx

Ok so rode the new pedals today. I was switching over from Dura-Ace 7800. I've had three fittings with the DA pedals and still never felt they were quite right. My left knee is pretty trashed from two operations, one in the 80's when I was in the Marines and one just a year ago. My right knee has some issues too and will probably need meniscus tear surgery on it fairly soon according to my orthopedic surgeon. Switching to a compact crank has given me a better and more usable gear ratio that is also kinder to my knees and is a huge help. I'm 52 btw.
I'm no stranger to clipless pedals having used the first Look pedals when they came out in 1984 or so. I couldn't get off toe clips and straps fast enough! There were no clipless shoes yet and so they simply drilled holes in the bottom of my Sidis and put the cleats on that way. No fitting of course they just eyeballed it. Fit kits came out a little later and that was the first time I had cleats actually positioned correctly. In the early 90's I tried Time Equipes and immediately felt great freedom and comfort like never before. I used them for years until Time switched to a completely different platform that did not work at all for my Size 48 wide feet. Then they came out with the RSX that had reliability issues with the front of the pedal breaking off and were hard to get into.
So then they came out with iClics and I had high hopes. But they were kind of fragile and I had a lot of issues with false clip ins. Went back to Dura-Ace 7800 pedals. Those Shimano pedals are built like a tank and have very easy and positive clip in with a loud CLACK that lets you know your in. But as I said I still felt like they were not the best thing for my knees.
I'm not a weight weenie btw. I'm 6'3" and a big boy in general so reliability trumps weight for me. Time makes lighter iClic 2 models if thats what you need.
So..put the iClic 2's on my bike (Moots!) and the cleats on my shoes in roughly the same position as my DA cleats were. As I said in my previous post and pictures the pedals and cleats are noticeably more robust than the previous versions.
So how do they ride? Fantastic! I felt that great Time float that just works for me and felt none of the usual knee strain and twinges during or after the ride. I think the steel plate helps with fluid movement as it is plastic against metal instead of plastic against plastic. I did not have issues with false clip in. Simply put the tip of the cleat into the front hook of the pedal and lightly step down and there is a loud clack that lets you know you are in. I really don't notice the self centering much. Never did on Times. It's not really forcing you anywhere and your foot moves freely.
Even though I used DA cleats with some float its not the same as Time. It feels like you are held too close to the pedal and restricted plus its just not the same freedom of movement. Speedplay doesn't work for me either, maybe because of my 48 wide feet. They feel like pedaling on a walnut and have hot spots plus my foot leans over. I need a wide platform.
So I'm sold and happy as hell. Looks like Time got it right with the iClic 2's.


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by pLu

Hawkwood wrote:I've had no problems with the cleats breaking or wearing quickly, however I think this may be down to the contours of the soles of the shoes you're using, they've worked fine with Vittorias and Sidis.

That's definitely the case. My Specialized Road Comp 2010 shoes and first gen ICLIC cleats broke easily. The gen 2 cleat replacements are still holding together.

Has anyone really tried the old cleats with ICLIC2 or is the supposed compatibility pure speculation based on the looks of them?

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by hidayanra

I'm still on RXS pedals after dipping my toes in the water with early iclic.
That said, I'll probably be switching over for next racing season, the Iclic2 really is a great system that fixes the vast majority of the issues in the early iClic stuff.

Great, great pedals.
My fitter actually switched over after seeing mine, asking to borrow a spare set, and then getting her own.

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by TlM

My only real complaint with the iclic generation 1 is that when i pull hard on the pedal there is some vertical movement between the cleat and the pedal.

Can anyone confirm this is fixed with the iclic 2?

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by Valbrona

darwinx - You realize that iClics offer two Q FActor settings depending which cleat you fit under which shoe?

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by Nostromo

Put about 2000 miles on a set of Generation 1 iclics last year, was able to work around the false clip-in with no problems, but the eventual killer for me was that they began to creak incessantly with each pedal stroke, even after I put on new cleats. Sold 'em on ebay and went with DA 7900. That was about 4K miles ago and I don't miss the iclics.
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by holsen

I just put a set on this afternoon and I love them. There was absolutely no learning curve; they were just as the box describes: Click and Ride. I spent 2 years of treachery with a set of Shimano 105's and have consistently had clip in problems. I would always eventually get into them (yes tried lots of different tension settings and even had the bike / shoes / pedals professionally fitted) but I always had to fight with them. This was particulary unnerving when starting from a dead stop up a hill at an intersection. So this afternoon when I went for my first ride with the Time iClics I was a little tentative, but I gotta tell you, they just felt right and very intuitive from the very first click in. I spent the first half hour just clipping in and out, over and over again and never missed. Some of the reviews talked about mis click where the rear would engage even though the toe wasn't properly engaged .... I couldn't reproduce the problem. For me these are the pedals I've always looked for. I'm sold and I highly recommend them.

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by gede

I also would like to share my very very bad Iclic experiences.

I did road competition like 10 years ago and always had the Time Equipe pedals. What I remember from them is that they were superb. 100 % reliable, always acting as expected, clear clic-in and very resistent to wear with the steel cleats. After a few non-biking years, I decided that cycling should stay part of my life and as everyone has a (pré-)midlife-big-expense period, I decided to give myself the dream and bought a Colnago C59. For the pedals, this was an easy choice: ''give me the best that Time has please". That's how I ended up with the Iclics. For my spare bad weather bike, I changed the Equipes to the cheaper Iclic version with plastic plate in stead of carbon.

This is were the disappointment started. First suprise was that the cleats are bigger and changed to plastic. I'm convinced that this is just a commercial move because the wear of the steel cleats is too low. Disappointing to see how commercial thoughts can win it from customer satisfaction and reliabilty AND safety (as you will read further).

Especially the non-carbon version of the Iclic is annoying. After +/- 2.000 kms, the cleats are so weared that they are not usable anymore because you have unclics constantly. The behaviour of the carbons is better, but also there, at 3000-4000 kms, the unwanted unclics and the noise because of the space between the cleats and the pedal starts. Can't believe that a make like Time could mess a perfect product so much.

I wish my experience stopped with this, but unfortunately, it didn't. During a club training last week, I snapped out of a pedal as if it was nothing, fel on the ground at 50 km/h and broke 6 ribs and a collar bone. I had replaced the cleats a month ago. Of course, I already wished a 1000 times that I had listened to a college who warned me about the bad evolution of Time during the last 10 years.

I have sent an email to Time to tell my story, but no reaction after 5 days. I said that I receive better comments concerning the Iclic 2's and whether we could agree on a replacement. I'm holding them partly responsable for my comming 6 weeks of pain.

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by HammerTime2

Ouch, and welcome to the board.

I'm using Time RXS Carbon Ti, still going strong after 27000 km on one bike and another pair of pedals with 10000 km, and still on my 3rd pair of cleats (for all 37000 km of riding, and a non-trivial amount of walking). I also have a couple of spare pairs of Time RXS Ulteam pedals, so don't anticipate going to iclics, unless a highly praised version ever comes out. I got the spares after the iclics were released with very negative feedback on this board and elsewhere.

I went from conventional slotted cleats/toe clips to DA 7410 to TIme RXS Carbon Ti. so have no comparison to earlier Time models.

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by fdegrove


I went from conventional slotted cleats/toe clips to DA 7410 to TIme RXS Carbon Ti. so have no comparison to earlier Time models.

I still have two sets of the old Equipe pedals with their magnesium body and TBT four point mounting. From an engineering POV and in practice they're close to perfection.
From a WW POV and my own experience with the RXS range they're also absolute dinosaurs... :mrgreen:

Guess we could start a little club of "We stick to RXS" WWs I suppose: there's yourself, Juanmoretime, me and no doubt some sleepers still clinging to their "ole faithful"....

It keeps on amazing me that still so many people experience trouble with a product from a company that's reknowned for their high-tech engineering though. :noidea:

Ciao, ;)
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by Weenie

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by Wingnut

I have about 6 pairs of RXS's so won't be upgrading soon...add me to that club. ;)
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