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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Illuminate

Surely ax-lightness alpha would get a mention at 560g. Never ever seen one on the road (at the cafe) though. :)

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by lokoli

Cannondale SuperSix Evo Black 2013 - 655g
The lightest production frame in the world!

by Weenie

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by sedluk

I am surprised at how many people will post an advertised weight. They must be naïve or really must not understand. So listen up, we have seen countless marketing weighs that have no relationship to actual weight. That is not just for frames but for any bike part.

There was a post on here recently about some guy buying a Deda handlebar that had an advertised weight of 310 grams and he weighed it at 426 grams.

New rule: stop posting advertised or listed weights as if they have any relationship to real world weights, not just on this thread but any WW thread. And pass it along.

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by addictR1

lokoli: is that with the fork or without?

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by LouisN

+1 what sedluck wrote.

Haven' seen any EVO frames near the advertised weight.

Louis :)

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by swaits

sedluk wrote:I am surprised at how many people will post an advertised weight.

Also see folks posting weights without frame size.

I imagine marketing departments have no problem advertising the weight from the smallest frame they make.

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by JWolf

Some of the more responsible manufacturers are now claiming a max weight - like Reynolds on their lightweight wheels. That said, completely agree with the comment on ad weights. Just received my IMPEC and weighed it - not even close to the claimed weight. Not super concerned though - I didn't buy it for its weight - but if I did I would have been really pissed.

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by SWijland

This may sound silly, but why is nobody using the weight weenies 'listing' page anymore for posting weights? This would save loads of time searching through posts to find parts weights.

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by oreoboreo

timintense wrote:My scott addict r1 2011 frame in med 54cm was only 788g inc mech hanger, i thought that was pretty damn good for a mass production and low cost to the likes of cervelo ca, vwd etc

... and my 2011 Scott Addict r1 in a 49cm is even lighter. Short guys do get the light bikes, however longs leggs do help put out the watts.
Let's finish the ride with a 20% grade.

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by jwilliams

799g in a size large. Here is mine with my 88mm on. But she came in at 9.95lbs with my edge 1.25 wheels

2002SaecoReplica wrote:Wilier Zero.7 is supposed to be sub 800 grams fully painted in size Medium. :noidea:
Wilier Zero.7 SR11 being built
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by tahoebum

My new BH G5 56cm weighs in at 826 for the frame and 310 for the fork. Not even close to the lightest out there but a great deal at $1480 new - only $1.79 per gram for the frame! At the Sea Otter Classic this year BH had their Ultralight built up that came in at 10.66 lbs! Pretty impressive considering how stiff that frame is. I figure at 82 kg I don't need a super light build as much as some of the lighter guys out there.

I have it built up with the new SRAM Red and some Reynolds Carbon 32 wheels after riding Dura-Ace forever and am loving it. Climbs the passes around Lake Tahoe like nothing I've ever ridden!

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by dadoflam08

The strip down and weigh tests by RIDE and weigh-ins by the LBS indicates that the BH Ultralight and C'dale EVO Ultimate framesets are effectively same weight for given size - EVO bare frame is slightly lighter (around 725g actual in a 56) and BH fork is slightly lighter (sub 300g) to balance the overall. Down here the EVO frameset is a shade over $4K, the BH is sub $3K AUD - both excellent value compared to the other options in this weight range. Basically at this point the decision is one of ride quality in my book.
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by runningrunningjump

Friend an I stripped his 2008 trek madone 6.9 over the winter his was a 56cm and if I recall the frame was 850g inc bb90 bearings (40-50g making the frame 800g) and the fork was very light about 350g.

Sorry for the vague numbers. I'm riding with him tomorrow, I'll ask him.

My brand new cannondale super six non hi mod frame in a 56cm weighed in over 1100g for frame and over 400g for fork. I almost cried.

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by DenverScorcher

BH ultralight 795 grams bare frame in a 56cm

by Weenie

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by HeluvaSkier


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