Trek Madone 600 series vs. 700 series OCLV carbon

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by climbwalz

I am getting back into cycling and have settled on the Trek madone Project one. I know it is not the most interesting bike out there but the geometry really works well for me resulting in a really nice comfortable fit.

My question is whether to get the regular 6 Series with the OCLV 600 Carbon built up with Sram Red etc or Get the 6 SSL with 700 Series OCLV Carbon with Sram Force. Normally I would get the better frame and look to upgrade components as money allows but I am not racing anymore and just want a real great fast bike for long rides which makes me want to consider getting the lesser frame but better components right away. Will I notice a huge difference between the two frames? Anyone know an approximate weight difference of each frame in a 54. I am 5'9" and about 155lbs and prefer to spend most of my time climbing. The roads in my area are rough so that is a consideration as well.

As always, I appreciate any feedback you all can provide.

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by Pessin218

Here is what I said about another similar post. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM me.

As an owner of the new 6 SSL Series Madone, I have found that is a big difference in how the bike rides compared to the previous 2009 5.5 OCLV Madone I had. The bike is noticeably lighter and the ride quality is dumbfounding absurd.

This is my opinion, but if you have the time to test ride a 6 series versus the other Madone series, I highly recommend it. After test riding the new 2012 5.5 Madone, the TCT 5.5 Madone, 6.2 Madone and the SSL, I was able to discern the difference in how the bikes handled the rougher roads, hills, and corners. As for the TCT vs. OCLV, I believe there is a difference in the actual material (at the molecular level) in which the carbon is made from. My point is that the new carbon technology, whether OCLV, OCLV2, 2012 OCLV, or TCT, is always going to make an impact on how the bike rides. At least in my experience.

If you have the money, I highly recommend the 6 series (SSL or not) but if you are on a budget, the other series Madones work beautifully as well. But again, this is just my opinion... Either way, the Madone series has won my heart.

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by clarkson

In the last three years I've owned two 6-series madones (not SSL) and one 5 series. While I can't say I noticed a dramatic one, there definitely is a difference. Everything is just a bit better on the high end frames, the vibration damping and stiffness to pedalling were what I noticed most.

Mind you how a bike feels is all a matter of perspective, and the same differences I perceived may be inconsequential to the next guy. I would recommend you try both, if it's feasible to do so, but be comfortable knowing that it's a smashing bike either way, and you'll be thrilled.

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