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by goldielox

planning on a new road bike next year and cant decide between the cervelo r3 and s3. road them both, that didnt help. both look good. tell me which one and why.

by Weenie

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by N.T

Try something else and find the bike you really like.
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by wheelsONfire


Maybe you'd need to try a third bike. If not just as to see what you make out of it!?

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by fromtrektocolnago

Not a Cervelo fan. There's far better out there.
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by mimason

If your choice is from the two then I'd say the S3 since it rides and handles well like a straight up road bike plus you get some watts savings. I know several riders on these and they are very happy.

If you said R5 or S3 I'd say R5. To comment on the Cervelo brand its hit or miss really. The old factory stuff was great like my previous P2 but I know several local shops that ultimately dropped the line despite it being a sexy brand because of manufacturing QC issues and heavy warranty frames. Personally, I like them and wanted the R5 before my local shop moved on.

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by Ahillock

S3. Easy does it. Has much of the R series in it for comfort and stiffness. Has the S series aspect for the aero. Haven't heard any owners complain about it being uncomfortable. If anything, they all say it is very comfy.

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by mimason

As I reread your post it says for a next year build. Well, ask me again next year and I'll give you a different response.

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by survivor

If you are asking this question, clearly neither R3 nor S3 will do it for you. You just have to keep looking and when you found it there won't be doubt in your mind. You will know it's the bike for you.

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by Svetty

Like any brand Cervelo has its fans and its haters. Take opinions on here with a pinch of salt. Of the two I'd take the R3 if you ride a lot of hills but the S3 otherwise. Mainly though choose the bike your heart warms to - they're both sound choices.

by Weenie

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