Help me lose gr from my 6950gr S-Works Tarmac with best $2Gr

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by 63corvairsprint

Dustin..sometimes I confuse myself..

Maybe I shouldn't have said "touring" and said not a crit racer or paceline rider and just went with long rides in the country here in the flat midwest with a periodiac Triathlon thrown in....but not enough to get a dedicated TRI geometry bike.

I ordered the Keywin CRM Ti pedals and will be buying a set of either KCNC C7's or CB1's as soon as I find a silver set priced competitively in the USA. I sold the Ultegra brakes off my wifes bike, will put my Dura Ave BR7800's on her bike and the KCNC brakes on my bike, so I can't wait weeks for an oversea's shipment...

These two upgrades will put well into the 14's with future upgrades allowing for a possible drop in the high 13's...

I still have few parts on the bike that are not fully engaged WW parts...

Once I get everything from this go round installed, I'll post a pic and current weight.

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by 63corvairsprint

I received my KCNC CB1 brakes over the weekend. I was able to get them on the scale and got them installed on my bike. Still waiting for my Keywins to arrive…and no mail today…

Here a little background on my swap-a-roo, my Sworks was running Duara Ace 7800 brakes and my wife’s Madone was running Ultegra.

I listed the Ultegra for sale on Ebay last week and sold them.. so I moved the DA from my bike to hers and installed the CB1’s on my S-Works..

Wife’s Ultegra’s with all hardware = 319 grams

My Dura Ace with all hardware = 311 grams

The CB1’s with all hardware = 170 grams

(The CB1’s did weigh in at 163 grams without the barrel nuts….)

So a 141 gram drop off my bike… the CB1’s cost me $215, I sold the Ultegras for $50 so a net cost of $165 and 141 gram drop for cost of $1.17 per gram.
Ultelgra Brakes
Dura Ace brakes
KCNC CB1 brakes

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by bagguy


You the man! Great post, thanks for sharing. I have a question about the quality of the CB1's. Do you have any concern with how light these brakes are? 141 grams lighter than 7800's is quite a drop. Makes me think these CB1's might not last, so please let me know what you think.

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by 1415chris

I didn't have a chance to compare both, cb1 and c7. But according to madcow's test the second ones are slightly better.
Have been using c7 for a while and they do the job. My advice is change the pads. Doing so it makes a big difference in how these brakes perform. Especially carbon rim pads.
I'm using swissstop yellow and green.

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by 63corvairsprint

I haven't really got a chance to break them in yet, but am pretty certain that they will do the job for me just from the breif ride around the block. I live the midwest, the biggest decent I will see is down the back side of an overpass. I don't do crit's or other pack racing where superior breaking power is a must. I weigh less than 160lbs and mainly will be using the bike for TRI's, power rides out in the open country, a century or two, and a 6 day bike tour this summer.

I do need to get some new pads and some final tweaks for the exact placement I want for the pad contact and I am certain they will do the job they are intended to do..

If I have any possible negative feedback to relay, I will update this threadwith my experieneces.

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by 63corvairsprint

While waiting for my Keywin’s to arrive and do my final weigh in for this years changes…I thought I would dream about the future and what it could bring…as I replace parts due to wear and tear mileage..

Replace DA-7800 Brifters, FD, RD, and cassette with 2013 Red group.
DA = 910gr & 2013 Red = 635 nets loss of 276 grams

Replace DA chain with KNC DLC X10SL Chain
DA= 280 gr & KNC = 230 nets loss of 50gr

Replace Bont XXX Skewers with KCNC Skewers
XXX= 75gr & KCNC Skewers = 41 gr nets loss of 34 gr

Replace current carbon brake pads with ENVE carbon pads
Current pads = 22gr ENVE brake pads = 18 gr net loss 4 gr

Replace 2007 Zipp 808’s with 2012 Zipp 303 or 404 Firecrests
Current weight = 2111 & 303’s w/ Vittoria Evo’s… ??? Net loss of ???

When I need to replace my Chainrings…what to do there? Fibrelyte? Hmmm..

Somewhere south of Chicago IL, USA

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by rodebaron51

How about your bike?

What kind of saddle you ride?
I just found out I could save app. 70gr by switching from Prologo Evo Nago to Prologo Evo Nago Nack... maybe there is still room for improvement on your bike? New saddle = 155gr.
Not bad for a very comfortable one...

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