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by tomaz69

HaroldC wrote:
yeagermeister wrote:With my KCNC Skewers I found it easier to setup up by closing the lever somewhat loose and then giving it half a turn while closed to snug it up. I have never had a problem doing this. They fit tight with out any squeaks and it doesn't seem to be abrasive on the dropouts. I do inspect the dropouts each time I remove a wheel to make sure I'm not eating away any carbon.

This. I have no problem with my KCNC skewers. I actually find them really quick to take wheels on and off.
-Tighten until lever is able to close with a bit of force but not a lot
-Twist ~90 degrees CW to desired resting position

Just do the reverse process when taking them off: Twist ~90 degrees CCW of a turn and then release the lever.

Sorry, not so perfect in english and could not figure it out what do you mean. I just went back today to Mavic skewers as my KCNC started to give a play to the front wheel. I have to tighten them really hard (according to me too hard) to make them work and keep wheel in place. Do I do something wrong? Could be overused? Do they need some clean up?

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by Zen Cyclery

The KCNC is a decent skewer, but I think the Enve Titanium ones are much more durable and abrasion resistant.

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by WMW

Thanks! I didn't even know they made skewers. How do they differ from KCNCs? Stronger clamping, easier to use, etc? They are ~20g heavier... Do they have a plastic piece where the pivot arm rides?


I've been using KCNCs for a long time and they work great. The only thing I don't like is the sharp abrasive nut on the end.
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by tomaz69

Got it! :oops:

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