Prototype SRAM Red Rear Derailleur?

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by caadmium

Hi folks. First post here but been a lurker for a while. Congrats to all on the quality of the machines posted and info shared on here. Apologies if I make any newbie etiquette errors.

I've purchased all black SRAM Red rear derailleur which was described as a sample given by SRAM to their riders/customers pre-launch, presumably for evaluation. Being all black, it is perfect for my stealth-ish build. On arrival, I see that it has clearly been used which is no surprise but inside the cage it says "sample not for functional evaluation." The serial number begins with P - is that P for prototype or simply a coincidence? Has anyone had any experience with SRAM prototypes before? It looks fully functional and give the gunk on the jockey wheels has clearly been used. What to do? Would you use it?






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by BrianVarick

Ride it, it's a rear derailleur not handlebars!

by Weenie

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by madcow

There are different types of prototypes, typically when one is not for functional evaluation it means it's built to different standards than the production piece will and won't hold up the same. While it's true that it has been ridden, you just don't know how long it will last. It may be that it works just as well and lasts just as long as a stock, but then it could go the other way. It's true that it's not a handlebar and a failure is not likely to cause a personal injury however a failure can lead to destroyed wheels and frames. I've seen this happen a couple times with rear derailleurs.

I realize that it being all black is part of the appeal, but if you can get over that and want to trade it for a production one I might be willing to trade depending on the the model and age of this. The only reason I would take it is to hang it on the wall with a lot of our other display pieces, not to actually ride it.

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by Frankie - B

Wow, great Rear derailleur!

And well, I would certainly be tempted by Jasons offer. actualy, I wouldn't even need to think twice.
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by mike

I would clean it up and test it on a MTB or cheaper road bike first. If it works well and is pretty durable, given the weight it seems to be, I would keep it and use it. It is a one of a kind and fabulous for a stealth build.

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by davidalone

why not just get the sram red black edition?

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by caadmium

Even the black edition Red has a lot of red and white markings so a lot of the black effect is lost.

Thanks for all the comments guys. I think I'll give it a good service and once over and try it out with an old wheel.

@Madcow thanks for the offer, it's great to know there's some interest in an item like this. Now that I have it I think I'm going to at least build it up. Not sure I'm going to be comfortable running it long term on good wheels so I might be back in touch to take you up on your offer.

by Weenie

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