What saddles is everyone using?

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by tinozee

lately Antares 00 and ISM Adamo Breakaway. Depends on the ride/bike.

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by FastforaSlowGuy

SMP Evolution. Zero numbness.
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by eurperg

Regal Ti
Regale Carbon FX

All perfect, all feel just the same. Nose slightly up, so there's a nice notch where sit into and let your shoulders hang relaxed..

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by lovestheclimb

Selle Italia slr 2010 team edition.
I think they changed the shape ever so slightly through the years (if anyone knows thatd be great), seem a bit more flat

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by Jmeloy

Can I get some comments on the different Prolago saddles? Interested but struggling to figure out where to start?

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by upside

I find the Prologo Scratch HWD quite comfy also the Nack version. A bit like the Aliante'.. a little stiffer shell and a much better shape where your inner thigh connects to the saddle through your pedal stroke.

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by LocoDuck

Tune Komm Vor

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by Fiery

Jmeloy wrote:Can I get some comments on the different Prolago saddles? Interested but struggling to figure out where to start?

Prologo Scratch and Scratch Pro are "modern classic" shape, akin to Fizik Aliante and Bontrager Team Issue. Looking from above, the Scratch is old style with a gentle curve from nose to rear, while the Scratch Pro stays narrow longer for more clearance and then gets wide more abruptly towards the rear.

Prologo Nago Evo is, to me, somewhat in between Fizik Antares and Selle Italia SLR. It has the long nose that flares quickly toward the back like the Antares, but the nose itself is narrower and the saddle is not as flat side to side, more like the SLR.

I haven't tried the Zero II, but it should be similar to the Nago Evo only flat side to side.

Kappa is an entry level saddle, flat front to back, semi-round side to side, gradual narrowing back to front. Quite heavy, lots of padding. Not uncomfortable, but nothing to write home about.

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by Jmeloy

Aliante's on all three bikes but just picked up a Prolago Nago Evo Ti to try. Comments gang?

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by carlislegeorge

I also have been on a "contact point" improvement search, and am breaking in a Prologo Scratch Nack. Saddles with cutouts don't really work for me. A little hammocking that lets me find the sweet spot does work. This model Prologo is only 134mm wide, and feels terrific so far. It's rounded shape seems to be working well with my butt, none of the typical sit bone area discomfort that would start up about the 50 mile mark, even on the flatter Fizik Antares 00 (142mm width) which had been my go to saddle for 2-3 years. Specialized before that. The Prologo round shape does subtly impact the way my hips work, those associated muscles could use some strengthening in any case.
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by engi

Switched to Toupe 130 from Arione...way more comfortable.

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by system787

I can't make up my mind over the romin pro 143 or toupe pro 130. I'm currently on the toupe, but if I had to make a permanent choice, I think I'd take the romin

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by ShortBusCruiser

Selle SMP Evolution. No pain or numbness and I can move around a lot more than I could with my ISM Adamo. If I had a TT bike I'd use my Adamo but for a road bike the SMP serves my needs much better and more comfortably.

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by RyanH

3,000 miles so far on a MCFK matte carbon saddle (69gr). Love it, perfect shape for me.

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by Krull

tt: dash stage 9
roadbike: selle italia slr or prologo scratch nack or prologo nago evo.
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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