What saddles is everyone using?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by fdegrove


wassertreter wrote:
NWSAlpine wrote:I was thinking it [Zoncolan, ed] woud not be the best on the front. I tend to ride as aero as possible as I typically ride flat roads with lots of wind. I'm thinking a flatter saddle with some kick up in the back would be nice.

By "front" do you mean sitting on the front of the saddle?
That's one thing I've been wondering about, many times I read that people are moving to the front of the saddle when riding low. When I'm in the drops, I move back a bit, up the tail of the Aspide, which results in less pressure on the perineum. Am I doing it wrong?

As I'm riding the same saddle I notice I tend to the same as the mildly rising rear of the Aspide gives me more support.
In order to maintain an open enough hip angle I move the seatpost up a little and the cleats a little more to the front of the feet.

Ciao, ;)
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by bobbyOCR

SI Flite

San Marco Magma.

SI Turbo.

Quite a range.
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by OwenJames

-Custom full carbon thing, which weighs 87g, but has no padding at all. It is pretty comfy really, but not so great when I really start piling on the distance.

-Fi:zi:k Arione CX carbon rail; sacrificed about 90g in order to not have my undercarriage red raw when doing long rides everyday. A trade off, if you will!

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by totoboa

Nash R2 209 grams bone stock, Ti rails, light foam. OK for the 194 lb noob so far.

Cost $20 as it was return at Nash. :beerchug:

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by highwater

Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow

Sele Italia Flite Kit Carbonio

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by bonafide

San mArco SKN- Love it.

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by Grill

Specialized Toupe S-Works
Specialized Toupe Pro
Specialized Toupe Gel (too much flex when putting down power)
Adamo TT

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by tonytourist

S Works Toupe on my road bike
Tune Komvor on my mtb
Fizik Aliante on the cross bike
I might try a Romin Evo pro on a new build...

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by Vuong05

Past: Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow (135g on my scale)

Current: AX Lightness Endurance (78g on my scale)
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by dvincere

Do the cutouts in some of these saddles really help things?

What's the best online retailer for testing different saddles?

I want to replace my Prologo Kappa on the CAAD10 . I don't have a very fussy butt, so I can ride almost anything (except my 1995 Selle Italia celeste colored saddle, holy hell that sucks). It needs to be light and good in aggressive road positions for a skinny guy on long distances (350 miles a week average). And I really prefer non-carbon rails.

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by Boralb

Fizik antares carbon rail/cyclocross and antares 00 on my road bike.
Both are fantastic in terms of quality and comfort.. Antares is a little heavier than slr's, but they are both far more comfortable for me.
Next one i want to try is the new arione r1 carbon :mrgreen:

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by Timtek

For now it's a Bontrager Race Lite TT which came with the bike.

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by jedijeck

Danton wrote:Use the saddle that suits you, not the one that others use.

Agree! :thumbup:
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by naylor343

I've been using the original flite for years. Couldn't get past the looks of the last model though so never tried it. Has anyone tried the newest 2013 model, how does it compare to the original model?

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by GatoQuatro

LOVE this saddle:

http://www.fizik.it/en/saddles/kurve/KURVE_CHAMELEON/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

...but broke on me early on. ha. warranty sent me a new one from italy no big deal but that once is breaking too. Mimics that of a brooks (an attempt) using a thin carbon weave underneath with a hard and soft front end that changes tension on saddle all the way through making saddle stiffer or more flexible, softer.

Going back to Arione R1 soon :) if not for sacrificing weight I'll get a swallow from brooks!! :thumbup: 470g for a saddle makes me think i'll be more comfortable thus able to go faster lol.

AND THEN there's this: http://prollyisnotprobably.com/2013/02/ ... m-road/#17" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; about 1k USD for a saddle no thanks, sold out anyways. but gosh if only! what a piece of beauty that leather huh? :D


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