What saddles is everyone using?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by KWalker

I tried it, but didn't get along with the shape a ton, although I'd like to give it another go eventually.

I've settled on the SLR kit carbonio flow for now, but might replace with next year's version with the bigger channel when it comes out. Took a bit of tweaking to get it right.
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by CharlesM

Re op...

The ones that fit.

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by cymans

Concor carbon + 15 years

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by RippedUp

Specialized Toupe S-Works. Love it.

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by tonytourist

Same here. It's pretty firm, but if you have a quality chamois in your bibs, it's not a problem 8)

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by russianbear

So even though I was using an Arione as I mentioned before, after breaking mine in a crash I tried a full carbon saddle (chinese ebay) and found to be ok. I can ride about 5-6 hours no problem. Now switching to a SLR kit carbonio so we'll see how it goes. I bet in a year or so I'll end up back on the arione, who knows, I wish it wasn't so damn heavy.

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by ecguevara

Specialized Romin Comp Gel. Quite on the heavy side but very comfortable.

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by Monkeyboy3333

fizik aliante, like sitting in your favourite armchair but not WW

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by sanrensho

SLR 135 on three bikes. I'm never letting go of these saddles. Biefly tried an SLR xP and that did not work for me at all, despite receiving advice that they were quite similar despite the extra padding.

Rode Genuine Gel Flite before discovering the magic of SLR 135.

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by skinnyankles

RippedUp wrote:Specialized Toupe S-Works. Love it.

+100. :thumbup:

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by Marzz

Toupe Team on Roadie and Romin Evo on my TT.
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by SWijland

Just wanted to add my Gilles Berthoud Aspin saddle to this thread.

Tried various saddles in past ranging from extremely uncomfortable ones (San Marco Aspide, San Marco Rolls) to okay saddles (Selle Italia SLR, SLR C64, Flite) to very comfortable ones (Fizik Arione, Arione CX). The GB has been an absolute revelation for me. It was comfortable from day one (much like the Arione), but it just keeps getting more and more comfortable. The leather is really supple, unlike the Brooks Swift I also rode, and the leather looks better after every ride.

If nothing works for you, try a GB! Do buy the right width though. I started of with a GB Galibier, but it was too narrow for me.

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by campbellrae

Use an aerione on my road bike but very tempted to switch to a Bontrager Affinity RXL after using one on my winter bike, it's bloody brilliant!

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by PSM

Arione CX Carbon, CX Braided "old", CX Braided and a CX Kium.

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by dmoneysworks

Romin Comp, Romin Pro carbon & just moved to Evo model.

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